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Stock Offer *Eton Cottage Garden - Metal Bird Feeders/Baths/Homes - 467 pieces*

Discussion in 'Home, Pet Care, Garden & Outdoor' started by Daniel Thomas Group, Nov 7, 2018.

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  1. Daniel Thomas Group

    Daniel Thomas Group

    Apr 10, 2014

    *Eton Cottage Garden - Metal Bird Feeders/Baths/Homes - 467 pieces*

    From £3.30 + vat each per unit

    Quantity Available: 467
    Minimum Order: 30

    Payment Methods: Bank Transfer
    Shipping Info: Nationwide Delivery (subject to cost)
    Buyer Liabilities: Payment prior to delivery


    • Stock Status: Physical
    • Location: UK
    467 pieces of Quality Eton Cottage Garden Metal Bird Feeders/Baths/Homes.
    Bird home - Pink x 27 / Blue x 38 / Green x 12.
    Seed feeder - Pink x 79 / Blue x 64 / Green x 60.
    Fat ball feeder - Pink x 30 / Blue x 23 / Green x 34.
    Bird bath - Pink x 32 / Blue x 40 / Green x 28.

    **Total RRP approx £10,000**

    Our special clearance discount wholesale price.
    467 pieces = £3.30 + vat each (take all price)
    240 pieces = £4.00 + vat each.
    120 pieces = £4.75 + vat each.
    60 pieces = £5.50 + vat each.
    30 pieces = £6.25 + vat each.

    Nationwide Delivery (subject to cost).

    To order or for further details please email (Email Hidden for Privacy) or call 01908 282805.

    660233 ETON CG Garden Bird Home_Pink.png 660234 ETON CG Garden Bird Home_Blue1.jpg 660235 ETON CG Garden Bird Home_Green.jpg 660237 CG Garden Seed Feeder_Blue_Open.jpg 660238 CG Garden Seed Feeder_Green.jpg 660239 ETON CG Garden FatBall Feeder_Pink.jpg 660244 ETON CG Bird Bath_Green.jpg
    Click to go to Website / Offer
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