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Exciting free marketing opportunity for SME's

Discussion in 'Social Media, SEO/SEM & Online Marketing' started by Nigel Macaulay, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Nigel Macaulay

    Nigel Macaulay

    Feb 20, 2018
    We’re setting up a unique partnership marketing and Client/staff benefits platform. Ready to launch. Looking for SME’s who are looking for new client acquisition and retention channels. Free to join. Message for further details.

    There are two parts to the platform. One is a free discount platform the other a paid membership site offering access to the best event the UK has to offer.

    Individuals or businesses can join the Platform – we offer huge flexibility in that members determine their affordability from free membership through to either a one-off member joining fee, a monthly instalment plan or as an annual fee that accumulates throughout the duration of membership (as well as a range of free memberships). In return, members receive ‘choice points’ which can be redeemed against a whole host of facilities owned by the club. These are, in essence, VIP boxes and debentures at many prestigious locations here in the UK (and the list is growing by the day)! So, whether it’s seats in a box at Wembley, or a VIP day out at Lords, or a gala performance at Shakespeare’s Globe that ‘floats your boat’, as a member you no longer have to dream about accessing these prestigious events without having to pay a princely sum, because as part of this amazing club, you choose what it is you go to, how many tickets you require, and when you want to go.

    To summarise, you determine your joining fee and how you pay it, we provide you with choice points, you then decide what, when and how many VIP tickets you require to an event or number of events, and we ensure you have the VIP experience of a lifetime. If you need to top up your choice points then you can buy them at parity, safe in the knowledge that you will not be paying excessive fees or an inflated price for those ‘must have’ tickets. And if that weren’t enough, should you choose to leave the club, we buy back your membership, meaning you can go see your favourite events for practically nothing due to our unique investment fund based model.

    Alongside we have a range of Advertisers (local, national and international), who offer our members discounts and deals. These are offered to all across our various platforms, ie the individual and business levels as well as to our corporate members’ own staff benefit and client loyalty schemes.

    These are excluded from the point allocation as described above and are offered for free on all the packages. These discount’s and deals come in many forms, BOGOF’s, % Discounts, Free Item or postage with a spend of £££’s.

    Who are our customers?

    Individuals, Syndicates (ideal for a group of like-minded individuals who wish to share their experiences) Businesses (ideal for SME’s who wish to use their account for company promotion with clients and prospects or offer loyalty schemes) and businesses who offer it as an employee benefit programme using there point allocation to incentivise performance and who use the affiliate offers as a year-round employer differentiator.

    Our main target is SME’s, who have historically believed that VIP access to events is reserved for FTSE companies or global corporations. A further advantage to our members is the potential networking opportunities and for Advertisers, access to our members, their staff and their client databases.

    So how do businesses who want to grow get involved?

    What we’d like to do is set up a partnership where we can offer our members a discount code on our site. To do this we need the following;

    An ‘exclusive’ member discount (this could match an offer you currently run, ie a discount off the first purchase, % off all orders or a ‘buy and get a free gift’ offer)

    A nice banner image (aspect ratio is 10:kiss:.5. The maximum dimensions are 3500px wide and 1225px high). The image should be darker and an area in the bottom 3rd should be ‘simpler than the rest of the image to allow text to be placed over the top.

    A few hundred words about yourselves to attach to the offer page. (Optional)

    Aside from this if you feel your staff and clients would benefit from the savings offered we can set you up a bespoke site that delivers both these offers and you messages direct to your clients free of charge.
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