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News Firefox Quantum Out Now - Touts Faster Than Chrome

Discussion in 'Technical News and Help' started by Erik, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    It's been a while since we've heard significant things from the browser arena. Last we know is that Google Chrome is king, with now a huge chunk of users having Chrome as their default browser.


    Back then it was Firefox who was king, the preferred browser compared to Internet explorer. As soon as Google unveiled Chrome though, they began the uphill climb, toppling Firefox out of the top spot. Now, Chrome is king, with other browsers now sharing a very small piece of the pie. Mozilla (the makers of Firefox), tried to work on other avenues too, including having its own Firefox OS for mobile devices. Unfortunately, this did not fly off too well, resulting to the project scrapped.

    Now back to their roots, Mozilla again is making noise. They just announced Firefox Quantum, in which they say is a faster version of the old Firefox. They took a jab at Chrome too, which they say is faster than Google's offering, and 30% lighter for your PC. Being a curious techie guy, I tested the new browser out for kicks. Look at the image below:

    As you can see, there is quite a comparison in memory usage for the browsers. You might think "wow, Firefox truly seem lighter", but hold your thoughts...

    In this scenario, I just opened Firefox. My Google Chrome already has 7 tabs open, and Microsoft Edge has 2 tabs open. With that, I could say that Firefox eats up quite a lot, with just a single, empty tab open. Chrome optimizes its tabs just fine, while Edge seems to be the best PC friendly browser out there.

    I further tested, and Firefox skips down to around 90+ MB memory usage when idle. However, adding new tabs eat up more and more of memory at a concerning rate. I just opened 4 tabs, and it already matched Google Chrome's usage (130+MB) - but with my Chrome already having 14 tabs open. That's quite concerning to computer owners who have less than 8GB of memory installed.

    Speed wise, there's not much notable difference between Firefox and Chrome, however Edge does appear to be slower when it comes to loading times. The only thing that would convince me to use Firefox is that they have great extension support, and further building to that would be wonderful for Mozilla.

    My take, if you are on a PC / Laptop with a limited amount of memory, stick to Chrome or better, try out Edge. However if you would like to find lots of something new, or that you are just too concerned of Google and how they collect your data, then the new Firefox Quantum might be worth a try.

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