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Announcement Frequently Asked Questions - Please read before posting

Discussion in 'Forum Support & Feedback' started by Gary, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Gary


    Aug 22, 2009
    I have written this short FAQ which has been approved by Admin and staff to hopefully answer some of the more common questions which are asked in this section of the forums or via support:

    Q - How can I send private messages / Why can't I send private messages?
    A - In order for the private messaging feature to be enabled on your account you will need to have been a member for ten days and have 10 quality posts, after which you can send messages privately by either clicking the forum members username / avatar and selecting 'start a conversation' on the box that comes up, or you can also send messages from a persons profile page or from the inbox link at the top of the page and typing in the name of your recipient.

    Q - I'm trying to post a thread but I am getting a permissions error, why is this happening?
    A - This would be because you are trying to post a thread in a part of the forums that is restricted to your account type, for example, if attempting to post an offer in the marketplace, you would first need to have an approved advertising membership.

    Q - Is it safe to post my email address in the forums?
    It is only safe to leave your email address in the marketplace section of the forums as there are smart filters in place for your protection, however, it is not advised to post your email address publicly in the majority of sections of The Wholesale Forums, as with anywhere, this could leave you open to your email address being harvested and used for spam.

    Q - Can I post a reply to a wanted thread if I can help the opening poster?
    A - You can only offer stock / services if you have an approved advertising membership, this includes responding to wanted threads.

    Q - What if I only ask the opening poster of a wanted thread to contact me, can I do that or send them a private message?
    A - No, again you must be an approved advertiser in order to do this as it would be deemed as being with the intent of offering stock / services, otherwise, your answer can be posted openly.

    Q - I have a great idea / product / service, can I see if people would be interested before considering becoming an advertiser?
    A - Sorry but no, this is called gauging interest with the intent to sell, so again, an advertising membership would be required.

    Q - I have seen a post that breaks forum rules, what shall I do?
    A - Please report the offending post using the button provided, this alerts moderators and staff to the issue faster, so action can be taken as necessary to edit or remove said posts from the forums, this is a better solution than to reply / quote the offending post, as then these need to be removed too if the offending post is removed and sometimes these get missed, therefore, by trying to help you could inadvertently end up advertising on the offenders behalf.

    Q - I believe an advertisers offer(s) to be suspicious or I have received counterfeit items, what should / can I do?
    A - In this case, the best course of action is to contact staff immediately AND report the offending post, a moderator can only remove the post from view or close it as necessary whereas staff can investigate the advertiser and / or their offer.

    Q - I need to edit my title / move my thread / close my offer thread, what can I do?
    A - Members and advertisers do not currently have permissions to perform these actions, therefore please report the thread asking for the changes to be made and a moderator or staff member will perform the action on your behalf when they see the report, you can also edit the opening post and / or leave a reply to notify members if you are out of stock in the interim period until it can be closed.

    Q: I want my post/thread deleted, is this possible and what can I do?
    A - As a rule we ask all members to consider their posts before submitting, this would ensure that members post quality content that is beneficial to the community as a whole, and as such, should not need to be removed as this disrupts the flow of the original conversation, therefore, it is our policy to not remove threads / posts without good reason (i.e. for security or legal reasons), if you have good reason and need to request removal, then please contact staff.

    In the case of bad reviews, these are only removed if the OP (original poster) does not provide adequate evidence to support their claim (but will be re-posted later should such evidence be provided), as removing or editing the thread otherwise (if sufficient evidence was provided), may be considered as assisting fraudulent activity, and since the information is, and would have already been in the public domain for some time, any such intervention could be classed as preventing the course of justice.

    Q - What would be deemed as an inappropriate comment in the marketplace?
    A - Whereas TWF aim to promote healthy discussion and debate as a whole, there needs to be certain exclusions regarding the offer threads of paid advertisers, therefore, comments here should be restricted to interested parties asking relevant questions about the offer on hand, and any comment that discredits advertisers and / or devalues their offer(s) would be deemed as inappropriate.

    This includes (but is not limited to), posts such as "your price is too high" or "you can get this cheaper at" as other peoples perceived value / potential margin may differ from your own, and what may not seem a good deal to one person, potentially could to somebody else, there are also procedures which can be followed in such instances, i.e. messaging the seller privately to discuss prices, etc. or if you have questions or concerns regarding the seller themselves, then please contact staff. This works both ways, if you are an advertiser (or member), that believes a comment to be inappropriate, then please use the report feature so that moderators / staff can review.

    Q - Are voluntary mods approved community advertisers?
    A - Yes. Prior to becoming a voluntary moderator, Andy, Gary, and Vicky are all community advertisers. They can advertise and offer their stock/services within the community as a regular community advertiser would. This also means that voluntary moderators have gone through all of the regular checks other advertisers here have and are authorised to sell goods to members.

    Q - Are support staff from third party brands, services, and organizations allowed on TWF?

    A - Yes. Third party support staff can present themselves as such and provide assistance to TWF members when necessary. This includes offering solutions to problems in using their products or services, or addressing reviews. If you fall under this category, you are free to use our platform as a regular community member. This means that you are not allowed to advertise or promote your sites, products, and services without the proper advertising membership.

    I hope these FAQ's help to answer some of your questions and help to keep The Wholesale Forums a better, safer place to be!
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