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  1. Mixture


    Jan 23, 2012
    Hi All,
    I am looking for a bit of advice on how best to get the word out about a new service I have launched recently in the UK. It is very common across the pond, but it isn't being done over here and I am having trouble getting potential clients to understand what it is that we do.

    Basically, we audit your courier bills automatically, and any packages that are eligible for a refund for reasons such as late delivery, incorrect billing (such as address correction charges, residential surcharges etc) we manage the entire process and get a refund for the shipment back to you from the courier.
    We then take a percentage of the refund, only once you have received it so it is a no-risk way of reducing your courier bills, without changing courier.

    Trying to find the correct person within a business is proving difficult, as is explaining it as it sounds too good to be true. When calling people about it they tend to think we are a courier trying to get them to switch.

    I am looking for advice on how best to contact companies to offer the service - email, phone, letter? Also how best to find companies to target?

    I have used the service for my online business and save between 5 and 10% on our shipping bills for no effort, so I can say for certain that it works. Its just getting people to take a trial or give it a go that I am struggling getting across.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    For anyone that is interested the website is

    Many Thanks
  2. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
    So you're a courier auditing service.

    I'd probably start with your SEO firstly, as well as competitor analysis and research. Get an idea of what they're doing across social media and marketing; this may help you improve on yours.

    What I noticed typing 'Courier Cashback' into google was you don't seem to have a strong enough description about your service (image below). Not many people will be typing into Google "Courier Cashback." However, people may be typing into Google "courier auditing," "how to audit my couriers," and so on. Take a look at your keywords, what you're already ranking for, what your competitors AdWords campaigns look like (if they have any), what their descriptions show that includes main keywords.
    Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 09.29.53.png
    I'd also get a blog going too, as this will help massively with being found easily across Google and other search browsers.

    I did a quick search using "" to see if you're being indexed. It currently looks like you're not being indexed by Google. This may be because it's literally so brand new that Google hasn't picked up on it and crawled your site yet. Do you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console linked up to your site?

    You have a profile on Tamebay I see -

    You are also on UKBF too.

    This is a great start to be building on backlinks to your site and helps to build on your domain authority. Find more sites that are blogging about courier services and auditing, and see if there's anyway for them to include a direct link of your URL in their content - this will boost traffic.

    I see you're on Facebook too, however this is clearly noticeable on your site - I'd probably include a few social links on there to promote a bit more.

    In regards to contacting customers/ businesses. I would start by getting online and doing a search for businesses you know are more than likely to be using parcel services (pretty good, because this is bound to be everyone). You can even find out who your competitors are backlinking to as this may give an idea on their customers, which is great for you to be targeting too.

    Emails are great, phoning is great too. I'd combine the two. Fire off an email saying what it is you offer, leave it for a day or two for them to get back, then if they don't reply, get on the phone. Find other places to advertise on by offering a free trial - could be a great selling point for companies you'll be calling and sending emails to.

    Have you added yourself to our Directory on here?

    Have you taken a look at our sister site The Wholesale Community which is offering up pretty cheap directory listings recently. You can speak to @Karrie Sear more about the opportunities to promote your business.

    Hopefully I've offered up a few good starting points for you.
  3. Karrie Sear

    Karrie Sear

    Oct 25, 2017
    Contact me at The Wholesale Community. We should talk.
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