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News Google Pulls Out 500 Android Apps Due To Spyware Backdoor

Discussion in 'Technical News and Help' started by Erik, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    In a blog post on Monday, Lookout, a mobile security company has stated that there is a a development kit called Igexin that contains a secret backdoor which enables them to download spyware in your Android phones and thus, collect personal data:


    Lookout has submitted this report to Google, and as such, the company removed 500 apps - which were already downloaded more than 100 million times from the Play Store.

    Not all of these 500 apps were installed with the malicious plugin from Igexin, but Lookout said that the plugin could still be installed anytime among these apps. Google has then temporary removed these apps, and it is up to each of the apps developers to remove the Igexin code before they can be shown in the Play Store once again.

    It is a good thing that Google acted on this immediately, and likely the developers have already been informed that their apps contain Igexin and needed to update already downloaded apps. Lookout did not give the list of apps affected, but to be sure, cross-check your apps whether they are still available in the Play Store. If they seem to have disappeared, might as well to remove them from your phone for now or wait if the app will get an update (and hope for the best).

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