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    Dec 28, 2005
    Hi all,
    I hope you can help me. I want to import some products from China and I dont want to break the law.

    I have read the forums, gov websites, (this guide is also v.good: and have got a basic idea that the following need to be tested within the UK before selling (apart from obvious things like firework/chemicals/guns/nuclear weapons etc):

    Anything related to childrens clothes, toys, bedding, furniture.
    Household furniture, bedding etc
    Electrical goods
    Food etc.

    But what about everything else - is it just a common sense approach?

    I would like to give 3 examples of the last 3 products i looked at in my household just as examples:

    1. My dogs lead.
    2. My cats bed.
    3. A poly bag

    These sit outside the main categories that are commonly listed on government websites as needing tested.

    Also i just wanted to mention I'm not talking about insurance for anything that happens after the customer purchases rather than any safety testing standards that need to be done before making them available for sale.

    1. Dog lead. Pretty straight forward - does this need tested? I imagine a child could choke with this (like the blind cords) but a simple warning on the packaging to say keep away from children is sufficient? No testing needed?

    2. Cat Bed. This might contain the wrong flammable materials and so im guessing classed as needing tested in the UK before sale?

    3. Polybag. Again simple enough to put a warning that says dangerous to children due to suffocation? But what happens if a parent give a child sweets in the polybag and the chemicals that the bags are made of cause something to happen to the child? Does this product need Uk testing before sale?

    I hope im not reading too much into things (overreacting) and wasting all your time - i just want to understand whats needed before importing.

    If im uncertain about a product and the supplier doesn't know a lot about the UK regulations who should i consult? A lawyer, custom broker, Uk testing house, Trading standards?

    I might try a few product samples before i decide on my final product but should i be really constantly emailing the likes of trading standards with my product ideas or is there a better way to be 100% which products need testing and which dont?

    Many Thanks in advance for any answers.

    Edit: Mods please move to the appropriate section of the forum If I have put it in the wrong place thanks.
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