News High street retailer Tiger to launch new kidswear store in the UK

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    Feb 17, 2016

    The founder of the Scandinavian high street store Tiger is ready to take on the retail crisis in the UK by launching a kidswear and toys retail store.

    The founder, Philip bier will be opening ÏD Kids in the Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth after finalising a deal with the French franchise of whom have a network of around 1,200 stores currently. The giant own eight brands, including that of of kidswear label Okaïdi and Oxybul and those with a huge range of children's educational toys.

    Bier, along with his brother Jacob, an acquisitions lawyer are seeking to dominate the market with new retail brands to the UK's high street.

    It's great to see new retailers deciding to pop up despite the recent retail worries with the likes of Toys 'R' Us falling into administration, and many more closing down. Bier said in a statement: "If people say I’m mad I have some sympathy for that statement, but if you take Toys R Us they stood still and relied on doing the same thing for 25 years with no material change in their model. They just expected customers to turn up with a basket and fill it. That doesn’t happen anymore."

    The toy market has been estimated to have fallen by 3% in 2017, however ÏD believe that if you want own brand products then you have to purchase them from the brand. A reason why Tiger has performed incredibly well over the years.
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