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    Feb 17, 2016
    January's online self-assessment deadline is nearing, and if you haven't done this as of yet, we'd recommend aiming to do so before the 31st January 2018.

    We understand how tricky and confusing things like this can be, and in just good time, HMRC will be hosting events and live sessions to help the self-employed manage their records, as well as completing their tax returns for 2016 and 2017.

    Free Webinars:

    How to complete your online tax return.
    - This webinar will show you: - how to register for Self Assessment Online - personalising your tax return so you only see the screens you need to - how to complete the self-employed pages on the return - sending your completed tax return online.

    Self employment Help & Support.
    - The webinar contains short presentations on topics affecting small businesses, including: - business expenses - record keeping - National insurance - budgeting for your tax bill - Self Assessment tax return.

    Business expenses for the self-employed.
    - During the webinar we will : - show you what business expenses are - give you a quick guide as to what commonly is and isn't allowable - give you help on how to work out your motoring costs - and much more!

    Record keeping for the self-employed.
    - This webinar is aimed at sole traders and partnerships (but not LLPs nor limited companies) and is intended to give you an introduction to the basic principles of keeping good business records. It will give you guidance on what HMRC expects from you and how you can get into good habits from the start. We will tell you about the recording keeping apps available for mobile devices.

    Self Assessment Help & Support.
    - Got questions about your tax return? HMRC's Self Assessment Help & Support sessions could be just what you're looking for. We can't check your records and we can't discuss anything confidential, so please don't give us any personal details. But we can answer general questions about tax, including business expenses if you're self-employed. And there's no charge, so don't miss this chance to get your tax return right first time.

    Car expenses and the self-employed.
    - This webinar is for self-employed sole traders and self-employed partnerships. It is not suitable for limited companies, or company directors. The webinar covers: - how to use the simplified expenses method for car expenses - how to calculate the actual costs method for car expenses (including capital allowances) - leasing a car and personal contract purchases.

    Self-employment - your payments to HMRC.
    - This webinar tells you about Income Tax and National Insurance contributions for the self-employed. It covers: - how your first tax bill is calculated - when your first tax bill is payable - an overview of Self Assessment - budgeting for your first bill - paying HMRC.

    All of the above should be enough information for you, offering up the best advice regarding your self-assessment tax returns.

    You can also view HMRC's Youtube channel too.

    Good luck!
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