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How can the suppliers expand their business without register an account in alibaba?

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by InnotechDavid, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. InnotechDavid


    Jul 28, 2015
    If you are manufacturer and prepare to expand your business by finding more manufacturing opportunities, here I suggest, don’t be anxious to register accounts in alibaba or types of that. Two reasons:

    1. They require registration fees, sometimes you just paid it just because others said it’s a good please to find clients. But too many people said they shouldn’t have registered, it was just a waste of money and time.

    2. You must know how to popularize your shop in B2B commercial platforms, otherwise you can’t find any clients. There are hundreds of shops in alibaba.com in your category, some act as suppliers do only sales, some are manufacturers do only manufacturing, some do sales also manufacturing, you must be smarter than the others to list your products in the first pages, but it`s not easy, because it requires strategies ( some strategies are just impossible for some serious manufacturers) . Some unserious suppliers specialize in doing business in alibaba always cause problems, this why many people said they met scammers. The unserious manufacturers are listed in the better rankings than the serious manufacturers do, which always causes troubles for clients who in of search a suitable manufacturer for the their products designs in these B2B commercial platforms..

    There are some methods that can help you find manufacturing opportunities without taking risks in these B2B commercial platforms.

    1. Do SEO and use adwords to popularize your site web.

    To do this, you should have a site web first, which introduce your company. Do SEO to list your web site in the natural ranking of search engines in the first pages, if you do well the SEO, your clients will come to find you. But doing well in SEO is a big lesson, there are many things to study, you can improve it by finding suggestions in Google.

    Adwords is a advertise service of search engines, which can help list your advertisement in the certain places of the result pages. The clitents may come to find you after saw your advertisements. Adwords is pay for clicks.

    2. Contact designers/inventors, brands or persons/teams that get markets to sell products. These people may need manufacturers to manufacture their products, so find them!





    Invention manufacturer:

    Brands: Contact the brands that your company can manufacutre for.

    Persons or teams have markets to sell products: Sometimes they might be designers, inventors, or senior corporate staffs.

    3: Use facebook, twitter, Linkedin or others social medias.
    In Linkedin, there are many products development specialists and Enterprise management personnels can be contacted. It works also in facebook and twitter at the same time.

    4: Use forums and blogs that relate to your business.
    Publish posts and articles to creat public opinions, in the meantime, popularize your company.
  2. JeffNevil


    Nov 27, 2014
    I agree that it is becoming more and more important for not just suppliers, but all businesses to invest in having a website and investing time in digital marketing in order to increase their brand awareness.

    In addition, working with companies that are in this industry particularly small businesses. I have found that another effective way suppliers can reach their target audience is by attending 3PL, warehousing or transportation trade shows and showcasing their delivery systems to prospective businesses who are looking for a new supplier.

    It may be time consuming travelling and setting up at the event, however, it can pay dividends as the people who attend these events are more likely to be interested in the services a supplier provides. Being at the event can allow you to build a rapport with people that you wouldn't be able to achieve online which ultimately could be the difference between getting a new business contract or walking away empty handed.
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