How do you research your market?

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    Fray Bentos

    Jan 20, 2009

    Im currently trying to make a marketing plan for a new website, I have sold items in a similar niche but I don't really have any solid data on my target audience other than my own experience and assumptions of the niche

    Im trying to work out the most effective marketing strategy in gaining new customers for the new website where we will be selling our own brand items. Im trying to work out which type of marketing I should concentrate my efforts in whether that be blog/content to then distribute as widely as possible, or whether I should try and find influential bloggers and youtubers to review and promote my products, should I concentrate my efforts on social media or should I sell cheaply on marketplaces to promote my brand via product packaging and inserts or the many other types of marketing stratgies

    Basically how do people go about building the research to make the decisions on which marketing strategy to concentrate on to begin with? I already use marketplace and google tools to work out supply and demand so I know the product will sell and have experience selling similar products but it's a bit more difficult working out how to best market and where your audience are likely to see and be receptive to your adverts.

    How do you research your market and the channels in which you market? are there any great tools out there?

    Does anybody know of any good guides online regarding this?

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