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How to check legitimacy of a Chinese supplier?

Discussion in 'China Sourcing' started by Chinabusiness1, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Chinabusiness1


    Jan 9, 2018
    Our clients are always asking us how they can determine the legitimacy of the Chinese company with which they would like to make a deal with Chinese supplier. In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem. Every registered company, regardless of type, in Mainland China, if they claim that they can direct export the goods to overseas, they must have a business license and import& export certificate. So the foreign buyer can verify supplier’s business license and import& export certificate to know whether the supplier is legal or not.

    1. Business License:

    Every legal company in China needs to be registered with Chinese government authorities at the Bureau of Industry & Commerce. Once approved, their company information will upload to government website. You can request them to share their business license and complete Chinese company name. With this name, you can visit China National Enterprises Credit information Publicity System website and check them. If you get the same information on the government websites, the business license is true.

    2. Import & Export certificate:

    In China, all companies that wish to import and export must apply for and obtain a Certificate of Import & Export from Ministry of Commerce and its authorized local agencies in China. This must be done after a company has registered at their local BIC. In addition, trade companies have to register with Chinese Customs House and its regional branches before conducting formal business with international businesses. Buyers should not only ask suppliers for their company number from BIC, but also a copy of their Certificate of Import & Export. We can visit ministry of commerce website to verify the Import & Export certificates.

    The above two methods can help us have a preliminary check the Chinese supplier’s legitimacy, but the business license and import and export license is only available in Chinese language. If you would like to have a simple and convenient way to know your supplier’s legitimacy information, maybe you can consider STIN company checkup service.
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