News Human feaces found in counterfeit makeup in the US

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    We all want a good bargain once in a while, and whilst many of you may see some offers on cheap and branded beauty products, you could indeed be putting your health at risk. And although this particular case is based in Los Angeles, it's still a related issue to counterfeit products throughout the UK.

    Los Angeles Police Department has confiscated over $700,000 worth of counterfeit beauty cosmetics after receiving a series of complaints form worried buyers and users. Those that purchased these bootleg cosmetics suffered various reactions to their skin caused by human and animal feaces found in the beauty products.

    This means unknowing victims were applying feaces to their faces, mouths, lips and eyelids, of which were the most commonly affected areas.

    Around 21 different stores in the LA fashion District had their products seized with an estimated worth of up to $700,000 (£493,000), and six people in total have been arrested due to trademark violations with a further 15 businesses issued a cease and desist order.

    Some of the branded counterfeit products included in this seizure were Urban Decay, Naked and Kylie Jenner.

    This goes to show that the cheapest deal isn't always the best deal.
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