News Ikea To Sell On Marketplaces - Who's First?

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    Feb 17, 2016

    In a bid to become more accessible to shoppers, Swedish company Ikea, are to start selling their furniture through various online marketplaces. And although they have declined so far as to where they want to sell, it's believed Amazon and Alibaba are some of the top contenders to do so.

    The best thing about this, is if they decide to opt for Amazon, they could potentially utilize the eCommerce giant's FBA program.

    Currently, Ikea sell their range of 9,500 products on their own website, however due to ever-changing customer shopping patterns it's about time they focus on the online marketplaces to reach this audience. This will be the first in 74 years of Ikea history.

    I have always found it difficult to get out to Ikea stores, as they're always hidden away, and although this was somewhat a trademark of Ikea's, along with their deep blue colouring of their buildings, I'm looking forward to them being much more digital in its approach to shoppers. To make this much easier for its customers, Ikea will be experimenting with city-centre pick-up points and pop-up stores also to collect their purchases.

    Torbjörn Lööf (chief executive) said: "We want to find out how we could keep our identity on a third-party platform."

    So far, there are arund 403 Ikea stores globally, with another 22 expected to open in the next few years, including countries such as India and Latvia.

    Ikea's global turnover has risen by 5% to £34.2bn.

    Are you looking forward to Ikea moving online?​
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