Instagram Ads - Are they good value for money with good ROI?

Discussion in 'Social Media, SEO/SEM & Online Marketing' started by bp123, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. bp123


    Dec 17, 2018
    We're a small company and our marketing has to have a really good ROI and value for money as we have limited budgets. We've noticed the Cost Per Click of Google Ads are really high and it seems only the really big businesses with large budgets seem to be paying for these in our area.

    We already do a lot of Facebook ads but we wanted to test Instagram ads as we think it's an up and coming market and at the moment there may be good value. Do you have any tips/advice for affordable Instagram ads while getting a good return in terms of conversions/sales? For context we are a family skiing holiday company.


    On a completely separate note, my boss wants me to have a bonus criteria to work towards and we feel Facebook engagement would be a good bonus criteria to strive towards.

    We're looking for a really easy way of measuring Facebook engagement (ideally as a percentage). What should this be and more importantly how/where do I find this out?
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