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    Mar 30, 2010

    Welcome to the services thread for Presencely, a company that specialises in helping small businesses and SMEs with design, creativity and content to ensure they have a great and holistic presence both online and off.
    Design Services:

    Image Clipping (Background Removal) - we can remove backgrounds from images and place them on white (or anything you require) quickly and efficiently.
    Image Editing (or Creation) - need some quick image editing, watermarking or alteration then we have you covered.
    Banner Design - we can design banners for all site types and many platforms (much like our header).

    Social Profile & Header Design - Twitter, Facebook, G+ or any other social site, we know the sizes and rules for each.
    Brochure Creation - Our InDesign skills bring any brochure you wanted to reality from a simplistic 4 page spread right through to a full catalogue can be achieved for print or digital.
    Flyer Design - full design service with industry artwork standards and full print instructions (we can get them printed for you too).
    Packaging Design - from basic box/bag artwork through to developing sophisticated packaging cutters our design process has you covered

    Marketing Services:

    Content Strategy - A detailed and well thought out content strategy can lift every business and can increase conversions, it's not easy though that's why we have developed exceptional strategies for a whole range of industries.
    Content Planning - we offer a one or three month's editorial calender with detailed plans for implementing a great content strategy.
    Content Creation - need help with that latest piece or just can quite get that next creative idea, then why not let us help - from infographic to meme we know our way around great content.
    Image Clipping (Background Removal) - £5.00 per image or £2.00 each for 10 images or more
    Image Editing (or Creation) – from £5.00
    Banner Design - £15.00
    Social Profile & Header Design - £10.00
    Brochure Creation – from £100.00
    Flyer Design – from £20 (Printing available at extra cost)
    Packaging Design – from £50.00

    Content Strategy - £20.00
    Content Planning - £20.00 (1 Month’s Planning / 30 Days) or £35.00 (3 Month’s Planning / 90 Days)
    Content Creation – from £20.00

    *** People often ask why we have ‘from’ prices, this is because certain design and creation aspects require a larger amount of work than others, from example a brochure could be a simple 4 page spread for some clients and for others it could be a massive 28 page catalogue obviously taking a lot longer to complete – hence why we do not have a blanket price for all our services.
    Presencely is dedicated to providing excellent customer service in the fields of design, content and creativity to small businesses and SMEs. We have over 8 years freelance design experience with the last 4 working in design and marketing agencies in various industries alongside the regular freelance work undertaken. All our work in completed in house and we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours of receiving them. If you are unsure about our content marketing skills just check out this following piece specifically for TWF – Shopping Cart and Template Directory. Finally we offer a lot of free advice about e-commerce, shopping carts, content, web presence and design so if you have any questions please drop us a PM or contact us and we can show you our expertise first hand.
    So if you've read everything and are happy - and want to order some services either drop us a PM or reply to this thread and we will drop you our email address.

    Even if you don't want services and just want some free e-commerce or web presence advice, just drop us a line - we enjoy engaging with businesses.
    Q - How long is the turnaround time?
    Turnaround time for small design work i.e. image clipping is normally 24-48 hours – for other services the time is longer due to the higher complexity level, we will state a more accurate turnaround time before starting any work.

    Q - How much input is required from me?
    As little or as much as you like – a basic customer design form can be completed or you can supply us with examples you like and a full in depth essay if necessary.

    Q - What files for I receive?
    For all design work, once paid, you will receive all original artwork and a selection of different file types ranging from .jpg to .eps (if you want something specific we will endeavour to provide it).

    Q - What if we already have a web presence or branding?
    That’s not a problem we can work perfectly in line with your own brand guidelines.

    Q - What about design revisions?
    We tend to not put a limit of the number of revisions a client can have as this can hamper the design process – but inevitably this will delay the turnaround time too.

    Q - What are your payment methods?
    Bank Transfer or PayPal.

    Q - Are there any other buyer liabilities?
    There are no other buyer liabilities.

    Q - What if I am not happy with the work you have done?
    If you are indeed unhappy with the work (it doesn’t happen often), we can re-do it again or offer another solution - keeping customers happy is a high priority.
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