Stock Offer *Lapel5 Mens Suits/Blazers/Overcoats - 43 Pieces -Brand New*

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    *Lapel5 Mens Suits/Blazers/Overcoats - 43 Pieces -Brand New*

    Stock Status: Physical
    Stock Location: UK
    Payment Methods: Bank Transfer
    Shipping Info: UK Nationwide Delivery (subject to cost)
    Buyer Liabilities: Payment prior to delivery
    Contact: Tel: 01908 282805

    • Unit Price: £11 + vat
    • Quantity: 43
    • MOQ: 43
    Lapel5 Suits/Blazers/Overcoats - Made In UK - Various Sizes.
    Black Suits x 5.
    Grey Suits x 3.
    Blue Suits x 6.
    Black Blazers x 10.
    Blue Blazers x 10.
    Overcoats x 9.

    Liquidation Clearance Discount Wholesale Price
    43 pieces (take all price) = £473 + vat in total.

    UK Nationwide Delivery (subject to cost).

    To order please email (Email Hidden for Privacy) or call 01908 282805.

    Suit black front.jpg Suit grey front.jpg Suit blue front.jpg Blazer charcoal front.jpg Blazer blue front.jpg Overcoat.jpg Suit grey close up.jpg Suit blue close up.jpg Suit black side.jpg Suit blue side.jpg
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