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    Aug 24, 2010

    Being a member of the forum is not only limited to posting and replying to discussions. There are many exciting features that you might not have discovered yet so we’ve listed them for you!

    Here’s a list of things you can do inside the community. You can:
    1. Upload your forum avatar or profile photo so fellow members can easily remember you.
    2. Share your personal information like birthday, location, occupation, real name and provide a brief background about yourself under the personal details page.
    3. Link your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.
    4. Post a status message which works just like a Facebook or Twitter update.
    5. Post a status messages on the profile pages of other members by clicking on their username.
    6. Make your first post and introduce yourself to the community.
    7. Use the search feature to search for relevant discussions and join in the conversation. You can also search the forum by using tags or keywords.
    8. Check the floating notices, the small boxes that float at the bottom side of your browser, to ensure you will not miss important notes.
    9. Start your own discussion thread to ask questions or share your thoughts.
    10. Use emojis to make your posts more interesting and fun. We currently have 73 emojis you can choose from!
    11. Include a poll on your threads if you want a raise of votes.
    12. Send PMs or start a conversation with other forum members as long as you have been a member for 10 days and made 10 posts.
    13. Edit your privacy settings, including your online status and if you prefer to receive site mailings.
    14. Make use of the Alerts feature to be notified when someone replied to a thread you’ve participated on. Alerts are also activated when you get new conversations, when someone liked, or quoted your post.
    15. Watch threads to follow discussions without needing to post a reply.
    16. See the new posts of community members via the New Posts sidebar.
    17. See the latest profile posts of members via the Profile Posts sidebar.
    18. Add tags when creating new threads.
    19. Give Likes to posts that you find helpful, interesting, or entertaining.
    20. Report posts which do not follow our forum rules.
    21. You can ignore the Introduction and Lounge section of the forum by updating your forum Preferences.
    22. Contact TWF staff via support or live chat.
    23. Post your forum suggestions in the Forum Support & Feedback.
    24. Buy wholesale products or acquire business services from community advertisers.
    25. Promote your products and services by applying for an advertising membership.
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