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    May 21, 2012
    Well, first of all you need to find a corner and cry as much as you want because you have just lost the biggest source of your income if you are making money through advertising.

    Secondly, when you start feeling better and are ready to pick yourself then you should google aslmaoalikum.com and read this blog post. Because here i am going to tell you that you can still make a killing using other advertising companies so you don’t really have to bother a lot on loosing google Adsense.

    Well, if you have been using google adsense then you must be addicted to seeing great rpm ! right ? First tablet of my medicine is to tell you that you are not going to get same rpm on other networks but i can suggest you some websites which would give you really really competitive rpm and you would be able to earn good money.

    I was able to earn almost same amount of money by using these websites.

    1 – Revcontent

    I have been using it from past 4 months and so far i am very happy with the earnings. Revcontent would give you rpm over 2 usd if you have audience from us, europe australia, canada.

    In beginning i got rpm of above 3 usd and mostly i was able to get 3.50 usd rpm. Which is very encouraging right ? But after 2 months i noticed a decrease in rpm so from last 2 months my rpm is fluctuating in between 1.90 usd to upto 2.80 usd.

    To be honest i did not think after loosing my adsense i could make good earnings but revcontent certainly proved it wrong for me. I highly recommend using revcontent

    there are 2 more, you may read them here

    via Aslamo Alikum
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