News M&S to cut 351 management positions

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    Feb 17, 2016

    In a new bid to save on costs following reports of falling revenue, the supermarket chain Marks & Spencer are seeking to axe 351 management positions across the country.

    Due to increased demand and competition of other online competitors, M&S are too feeling the struggles like many other retailers across the UK, and have reported in May that sales in food and clothes have fallen, and a bill of around £514.1m to restructure the business has piled the pressure on their potential earnings.

    Their management costs, which has seen many positions to be overlapping one another, and a 7.5% drop in sales over the last two years means they've had to start restructuring their stores, and with a closure of a distribution centre in Warrington has already seen many redundancies.

    115 operations managers, 182 section managers, and 54 visual merchandise managers will all be made redundant.
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