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mislead by wholesaler and ended up with treading standard raide

Discussion in 'Legal, Insurance, Employment and Health & Safety' started by Fredp, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Fredp


    Oct 7, 2017

    I am going through really tough time and i need your help in sorting issues out so kindly avoid harsh comments please.
    I have been approached by a china based manufacturer about PANDORA jewellery and charms around 1 and half year ago claiming that they do official jewellery. I rejected saying I cant sell it on my retail outlet. They convinced me about selling it on ebay as they have many UK based client who sell on it. I looked at ebay and nearly 2500 people were selling genuine Pandora Jewellery. So I decided to place sample order. After receiving sample order I went to Pandora shop and told them to cross check it as i was still concern. They put the items in a machine and cross checked it which was confirmed as a real Pandora Jewellery.
    I had few customer every now and then saying its not genuine but they were more for getting jewellery more cheaper. As well I had few customers who has actually been to Pandora shop and they have confirmed about authenticity.

    All of a sudden, treading standard crew had raided my house and seized all our products and computer. We informed them about confirmation of authenticity from Pandora shop. But they rejected saying they send it to Pandora head office and they have confirmed my products are counterfeit items. They have informed us that they will call us for interview but no more information after that.

    On that day I researched about counterfeit goods and found out its a big crime and it can lid to prison as well. We had no intention of selling fake goods. But we are in tribal situation now.

    I would like to know what could happen next? what could be outcome? I recently ordered quite a few stock because of Christmas coming. So I want to know how they can calculate amount of stock and what I need to do next.

    Many thanks in advance.
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