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My eCommerce Experience as a Seller

Discussion in 'E-Commerce and Online Selling' started by navines, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. navines


    Mar 11, 2020
    From that day i start to create a couple of strategies for my business model and i success because i saw 1 important factor, upload many more items and the potential to sell something will be increased! So based that main core strategies i start to find many items to sell online and I'm also starting to promote something on eBay and wait for the sold item ring then from that point, I can go with the buyer funds to buy the item from the supplier, in that case, i publish something to sale but i didn't was the owner for the products yet, from that part i understand what I'm doing.

    "I am not a seller, buyers buy from me!" from that part, I start to check how i can improve my shipping solutions because i want to share the products on many countries to reach many new buyers. i start to create my shipping chain with DHL express. and work fantastic they also give us a discount because our sales volume is huge per month! and the price is perfect for express. Do you probably ask why i choose to for express service with a private company as DHL? so first of all the price is no so high and i can be sure to mention here that if i m not use with that strategy amazon and eBay probably suspend my accounts before a long long time.. is not possible to manage your shipping to many individual people around the world with registered airmail by your official office in your country you need to use with express to make sure you survive on that hardest marketplace, those marketplaces are perfect and i recommend to sale there from today! but to success on Amazon as a seller is something that you should change many things on your policy and on your shipping solutions to make sure you make more money and reach millions of new customers that watch your products. there is many things for sure on every account with few steps we can change your strategy base my expertise on the eCommerce global business around the world.any seller that sell online even if is a few products or services per month need our review.

    Amazon founder mention something on his first interview “It doesn’t matter to me whether we’re an internet play, what matters to me is do we provide the best customer service? Internet, internet.” that quote change brings me more to believe on my strategies. and my strategy is to be a seller but act like a badass customer! once i know what customers want then i can be the best seller in any platform! there is many strategies you can deal on your eCommerce business, is deepened what kind of products you sell and what is your ambition to be best seller that sell many items or if you are small seller that happy with your quantity you sell based on that we can improve a lot of expense that any seller have, improve customer satisfaction with our tools that we develop here on navines for sellers.

    If you want to start an eCommerce business then I can help.
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