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Oliver Goehler

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by Brandsearcher, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Second-Stream


    Feb 19, 2009
    Argh this man is driving me insane, I recently fell into his trap before I found this website, I ordered the starter pack ( i was not ment to be charged for the first month) bang 19.99 comes out my bank a day later.

    I e-mailed him asking when it would be deliverd, i get a reply the next day saying it should be with you any day (this was 10 days ago)

    I have since sent him many e-mails asking for a refund of my money as i have not received any material.

    You guessed it. not 1 single reply to my messages. However he has still been pumping out his newsletter...

    I'll be honest i didnt think I could get took in by one of his kind, but I fell for the media backing.

    I found this site a day or two after i ordered the pack, I have since changed my plan many times regarding what i want to sell and have finally sent out an order for a great little gadget thats currently selling for twice what i paid for it on ebay. Thankyou to wholesaleforums.co.uk

    Hopefully when his ego makes him googles his name he sees this and so will others.
  2. Joe


    Jul 17, 2006
    I'm not surprised one bit, Second Stream....
    I gave my experiences about him over two years ago on this thread...
    I spoke to him personally on the phone, and can confirm he is a nasty piece of work, a man that goes back on his word, when I confronted him on that point, he took the approach of belittling me, (he didn't know me) by telling me I could never make his plans work, because people like me (sceptics), just cant...

    He made me a promise, on a public site, to send me some material, he didn’t deliver..
    If he can do that, his promises of money back guarantees or anything else, are plain useless…
    If trust is needed in business, to succeed, he must be doing very poor business…
  3. Second-Stream


    Feb 19, 2009
    I completely agree,

    I paid this through PayPal and i've obviously been done out my money, Does anyone know if PayPal will back me in this case if I file a complaint against him?

    I can't even bring myself to phoning him, hearing his voice and any "story" he would offer me with a smug look on his face could quite possibly make me sick.

    I just typed his name into google and this thread is at the very top.
  4. YNWA


    Feb 10, 2006
    File a complaint for non receipt of goods, he will have to provide tracking info to show that an item has been delivered and you have signed for it.
  5. Second-Stream


    Feb 19, 2009
    ok i'll start the process and let you know how i get on.
  6. Second-Stream


    Feb 19, 2009

    Woke up this morning to find my money had been refunded, he didnt leave any comment on why I never got what I paid for but atleast I got my money back.

    Thanks YNWA for telling me how to go about it;)
  7. cupid-stunt


    Aug 23, 2009
    Hi all

    I know I'm incredibly late to this thread but I received some marketing junk from Mr. Goehler yesterday and only found this site while doing some research into the fella.

    A few years ago I was stung for £60 by one of Andrew Reynold's "buy tat and sell it for loads more" marketing scams, being drawn in by the promise of instant riches with no effort etc etc. Fortunately I got my money back and resolved to avoid him, his bitches (e.g. Tim Lowe) and indeed any other 'looks too good to be true so probably is' dross that does the rounds.

    But this latest one from Olly looked interesting:

    He WAS promising that it involved no work (60 seconds per day)
    He IS giving this away FREE
    He WAS promising you don't need ANY start up capital
    He WAS promising you don't need a product to sell of your own and so there was no shipping costs
    He DOES claim it is brand new and involves a "secret" no one else knows about
    and he WAS promising that you don't need a shred of experience either

    All the usual bullshot.

    But what made it different was that he only suggests you will make £300 to £500 a week doing it. This caught my attention for 2 reasons: The first because it wasn't promising millions overnight and the second because I myself am only looking for ways to make a £100 or so a week.

    Dig a bit deeper into the marketing hype and you'll find that this "FREE" system actually costs £19.95 which represents the first month's membership to his Auction Kommando Klub, paying on standing order. If you don't like it then you have to return everything to get a refund or indeed cancel your standing order and thus incurring only the first £19.95 you have paid. As the Auction Kommando Klub looks Krap, I felt that I was prepared to lose £20 just to have a look and would then cancel the standing order.

    Looking on here though, I doubt I'll bother now!

    Please though people, has anyone seen this latest eBay system he is flogging and if so can you really honestly and totally say that a regular weekly three figure sum is possible?

    On a slightly separate note, I'm pleased to see Second-Stream got satisfaction from PayPal and I would urge everyone to follow that advice:

    If at all possible, ALWAYS PAY THROUGH PAYPAL

    They have some serious power online it seems and will always come down on the side of the customer. If you don't get what you want they go into bat for you and it takes less than 3 days to get a result.
  8. WrenElite


    Nov 25, 2009
    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and phew - I'm so glad I just found this thread! I was almost about to sign up for Oliver's programme and then found this, which has clearly stopped me in my tracks!

    It does look convincing - especially with his Telegraph appearance - and the money-back guarantee had me thinking that I wouldn't be risking anything.

    I am now considering Andrew Minalto's product instead, having seen the positive feedback on here.

  9. OneSiteResource


    Nov 20, 2009
    I cancelled a subription of £19.95 yp Oliver today, the phone number is on the website, at the bottom. At least he lists his contact and address.

    The woman I spoke to was polite enough, and helpful.

    The information I paid for was complete out-dated crap, but it does appear he will honour his gaurentee, and it'll only cost me the cost of recorded delivery which is a fair price for my curiosity.

    I also got a course/information/training program from Andrew Minalto. I have no intention on taking him up on his refund promise, because I have found it useful and full of new ideas. I believe a man should get paid for his work and delivering his promises.
  10. pbhacker


    Dec 30, 2009
    Hi everyone,
    I have been receiving emails from Oliver Goehler myself. Doing some research on the net and found this thread. Glad I read it now :)

    Its funny how similar he writes to Andrew Reynolds! Yes, I have previously been taken in like so many others for Andrew Reynolds. I bought mine material of e-bay though. And although I paid £30 for a copy, I am glad I did now because

    1. I must of saved myself £800 : )))))
    2. It gave me an in site to how rubbish his material is.

    Its a pity nobody has anonymously put their material on the internet, so that if people do the research they could see how **** the material is. No, thats a bit harsh - really. I think there is some worth in the material but not £800 worth! Probably more like £1.99

    What did suprise me about Andrews material was how bad is grammer was and how the flow of the material was pants! I mean mine isnt good but if I was making so much out of it like he does then you think he would pay someone to make it better :rolleyes:

    Good thread :)
  11. Chrisire


    Feb 10, 2010
    Hey, Paul. I'd be curious to read some of those emails if you've still got them??. cheers.
  12. BaronBrock


    Feb 11, 2013
    Mr. Goehler is currently 'offering' a new set of dvd's The UK Wholesale Hijack for 'only' £277.00 (reduced from £499.00 if you promise to leave a testimonial) In it he promises to blow the lid on secret wholesalers based here in the UK that only a few sellers on ebay and amazon are aware of, and have access to, so you too can use them for stock to re-sell on ebay and amazon... No more going to China etc etc etc.However, are there REALLY 'secret' wholesalers out there? Would it be in their best interests to be hard to find?!? You would have thought they would want to be relatively easy to find in order to get more business? One wholesaler (boasts goehler) has a premises of 77,000 square feet and sells over 35,000 products....why be hard to find then??? Maybe these UK based wholesalers can be found on sites like this? and if so, does anyone have any ideas where to locate them on the site? I don't really want to pay £277.00 for information readily available for free. Does anyone think these UK based wholesalers goehler is on about can be found on here at all?
  13. signature


    Mar 22, 2009
    Get rich quick ay - Must try it out o_O
  14. tarik


    Jun 11, 2007
    I think he is talking ****
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