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    Jan 8, 2011
    Hi All

    Just trying to get my head around fufilment centres for USA to UK orders, I have a few questions below, any help is much appreciated

    in theory if a USA company wanted to send product to a UK fufilment centre, what is the law surrounding the whole importing setup

    • If the USA company was NOT Vat regsitered in the UK and to send stock to the UK fufilment centre, I am guessing the fufilment centre would have to technically purchase the goods from the USA customer?

    • Could they send it to the UK fufilment centre, not charge the UK customer for the goods and the UK fufilment centre would just pay the VAT and Duties?

    • USA register for VAT in the UK, now they can send straight to fufilment centre, USA picks up all the charges and fufilment centre is just providing a service rather than owning the goods?

    Seperate Payment Question

    • Can the payment be taken by the USA company and shipped out by the fufilment centre or does the payment have to be processed in the UK? does it matter who the payment is taken by?

    If you need any more info please get in touch
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