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Our coronavirus selling policy and most useful government links

Discussion in 'Forum News & Announcements' started by Helen, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Helen


    Mar 26, 2013
    In order to support our community during this difficult time in unprecedented circumstances, we want to do everything possible to encourage our members to be able to continue to trade both within their individual countries and also cross border. In order to facilitate this we are taking the following actions:-

    • Any updates about service continuation or disruption from our community can be posted so long as they specifically relate to the coronavirus and may name company but do not include any direct links to your website or contact information (this is reserved for partners and goods/service advertisers).

    • All goods advertisers continue to be free to post any products that they wish. However the moderators and staff are free at their discretion to dis-allow, delete, edit or label any threads that they deem are immorally or unethically taking advantage of those in fear of being sick. This includes but is not limited to
      • Unethically inflated prices on products
      • And selling of products to treat the virus, or protect users with no medically proven benefit.

    • Blog pieces can be submitted to be listed for free on TWF. The approval process is at our discretion but we do feel that the community would like as much content, advice and interesting features to read as possible during this difficult time. On these pieces, if successfully accepted you will be free to add a URL and contact details. Please email (Email Hidden for Privacy) or DM @Helen for guidance and submissions.

    We hope it is clear from the above that we wish to support and encourage this community as much as possible but also will not tolerate any attempts to unethically take advantage of this industry. We are all being encouraged to ensure the eCommerce sector continues to thrive and can help those in need and vulnerable, and we are working hard to support this goal.

    Below we have put the most useful government links per country we can find to help small businesses and provide help. If you have any you feel should be added please dm @Helen and @Erik - and feel free to add on this thread. All additions to this thread will be checked and if cannot be verified deleted, if you post anything not on topic on this important thread of information advertising your goods or services - you will be banned immediately and permanently.

    Stay safe and healthy.

    The TWF Team

    Government Websites

    General Information and latest requirements and advice - click here
    Support for employers and businesses - click here
    Guidance for businesses trading internationally - click here

    General Information and latest requirements and advice - click here

    General Information and latest requirements and advice - click here
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