News PepsiCo introduce Drinkfinity for health-conscious millennials

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    Feb 17, 2016
    PepsiCo are bringing to the market its vert first eCommerce product that will surely appeal to health-conscious millennials.
    The product Drinkfinity is a healthy combination of ingredients concealed in plastic portable Pods that are then added to water inside a reusable BPA-free 'vessel'.

    The Drinkfinity comes in a range of flavours such as Blackberry Acai, White Peach, Lemon Spirulina and even Coconut Water, and in order to purchase the pods and the bottle, can only be done so on their website,


    The idea came about to fit in with the busy consumer lifestyle and worries about having a quick fix whilst still focusing on health.

    Each Pod uses 65% less plastic than a 20-oz regular bottle, the ingredients are free of artificial sweeteners and flavours, and only contains 30 to 80 calories per 20-ounce drink, the water bottle is reusable, and on top of this there are over 12 unique blends of the Drinkfinity. Even though the idea of trying to cut down on plastic is great for the environmentally and health-conscious millennial, the pods - although containing less plastic - are not recyclable. However, Drinkfinity have teamed up with TerraCycle instead which means with every Drinkfinity purchase a prepaid envelope will be included allowing the customer to send up to 30 Pods directly to TerraCycle. For every order over £30 Drinkfinity will donate £1 to to provide access to safe water.
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