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Question about trademarks?

Discussion in 'Legal, Insurance, Employment and Health & Safety' started by MatesDesign, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. MatesDesign


    Nov 25, 2019
    Hi all,

    Looking for a little advice on trademarks before I plough ahead with another application.

    I’ve made a few successful applications over the years but have recently had a few failed ones. At £170 a time it’s quite expensive for me so would rather get some advice before going back with another.

    I’m fairly confident a trademark application I want to make will get passed (at least in terms of the actual phrase) but it has a couple ways of writing it which has left me confused on how to submit the application.

    For instance the trademark would look like xxxx and xxxx but could also be written with the ‘&’ symbol. So xxxx & xxxxx.

    I know you can make an application as a ‘series’ and that’s when things look, sound and mean the same thing but I’m wondering if using the & symbol would get the application rejected because although it sounds and means the same as the actual word ‘and’ they obviously look different.

    Making 2 separate applications seems wrong as I reckon I would get told that 1 trademark is too similar to the other.

    So that also leaves me thinking would just the 1 application be sufficient. So my phrase if trademarked would cover both ways of writing it.

    Any thoughts appreciated?

    Many thanks,
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