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Stock Offer Save Money & The Planet with our Cardboard Sheets

Discussion in 'Office & Packaging' started by Andrew Simpson, May 7, 2020.

  1. Andrew Simpson

    Andrew Simpson

    Aug 9, 2019

    63k Single Wall Cardboard Sheets Per Month

    Negotiable per unit

    Quantity Available: 63,000
    Minimum Order: 880

    Payment Methods: Credit/Debit over the phone Bank transfer
    Shipping Info: Anywhere in the UK & Ireland - Rest of Europe considered
    Buyer Liabilities: If The Buyer orders goods in error the goods can be returned to The Seller within 14 days of invoice date at The Buyers own cost. Provided the goods are unused and undamaged and in their original packaging the Seller will offer a full refund or credit note. Goods ordered in error will not be considered for a full refund or credit note after 14 days of invoice date. If goods are faulty or damaged The Buyer should inform The Seller within 7 days of invoice date and return them to The Seller unused in their original packing for replacement or refund. No goods will be considered for a full refund or credit note unless The Buyer has received a "Customer Returns Note" with its own unique reference number from The Seller.
    Price per Quantity: 880 sheets - 22p each 5280 sheets - 20p each 5281+ - Message or call for a price All prices negotiable. This is a new contract supply and we're looking for regular users


    • Stock Status: Physical
    • Location: Dry Doddington, NG23 5HT
    • Take All Price: Call to discuss - 07546 575 993
    Brief About Us:

    We operate a reuse initiative, essentially diverting one used (exceptional quality) cardboard boxes and sheets away from the recycling process.

    This cardboard is the redistributed to companies across the UK & Ireland for reuse as a low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to brand new cardboard.

    About the Supply:

    These sheets were used as dividers between layers of brand new (empty) aerosol cans whilst being transported to the filling site.

    Once at the filling site, the cans are taken off the pallet and the sheets are re-stacked and then brought back to our warehouse. They're still in pristine condition and would be a great opportunity for a company such as yours to reduce your costs and your carbon footprint.

    Size: 1300mm x 1100mm x 3mm
    Grade: 300 KK
    Flute: B
    Qulaity: Exceptional

    Environmental Benefits:

    For every one tonne (6.5 pallets) of these cardboard sheets that is reused,
    • 2 Trees are saved
    • 2 Trees are planted
    • 4000 KW/H Energy is saved
    • 32k Litres of Water is saved
    • 1.8 Tonnes of Carbon is saved

    Andy Simpson
    M) 07546 575 993

    T) 01636 626 476
    E) (Email Hidden for Privacy)
    Click to go to Website / Offer

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