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    Sep 26, 2012
    The problem with today's world is that we already have tons of smartphones roaming around the market, yet we are always short of mobile data. Despite having smartphones that have the "always connected" mantra, we cannot maintain it as such due to our data packages. There is no real "unlimited" data use, just overcharge or data caps. As such, we try to budget the data our mobile phones use on a day to day basis, in hopes that our data package could last for a month. Thankfully, Google finally noticed that and has now released an app that would help us control data usage.

    Datally, a new Google app now available for Android devices worldwide, enables a user to monitor data usage and give the users complete control on which apps must be given the cut. This app can also provide real time updates as to how much data an app is using, which you could then monitor live and stop it when you feel you are already using up too much for a day.

    This was initially tested in the Philippines, one of the most active countries when it comes to social media, of some 500,000 users and saved up to 30% of data just because of using the app. Datally is focused primarily in emerging markets such as those in South East Asia, however it is still a nifty app to use for those who have very low data packages and do not want to incur additional charges on their mobile plans.

    Those interested may of course download the app from Google Play Store.
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