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News Saving time on accounting for WorldFirst customers with Xero integration

Discussion in 'Business News & Resources' started by Dan G, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Dan G

    Dan G

    Jul 9, 2019
    The land of finance has changed significantly in the past decade, it used to be the case that any business worth their salt would have to purchase an enterprise solution which may have been overcomplicated and required an expert to use on a rusty computer in an office cupboard! With the growth of online based services, SMEs, startups, and technology ensuring the ease with which tasks can be completed by a non-expert – a large number of retailers (big and small) have made the move over to more Fintech cloud based solution such as Xero (including us here at TWF!).

    With this in mind other service providers for B2B and B2C companies have had to adapt their systems to integrate with these providers, just before Christmas WorldFirst let us know that they had released an update to integrate Xero – and we interviewed Sanjev Subramaniam – Development Manager for Partnerships at WorldFirst about what that meant and provided a summary of the conversation below to help understand what this might mean for our users who currently have an account with WorldFirst and how they utilise the features. Definitely worth passing on to your accountant to save you time and money.

    So, WorldFirst announces its integration with Xero?
    WorldFirst, one of the UK’s leading international payments providers has now integrated its World Account solution for online sellers with Xero. WorldFirst has a long history supporting online sellers to achieve better exchange rates when repatriating global sales, make same-currency supplier payments and accept funds from overseas buyers. With local currency accounts in 10 major currencies and specialist e-commerce team to guide you, our World Account is designed to simplify international trading for online sellers. Our Xero integration is part of our ongoing efforts to make selling internationally easier and below we address some key questions about our Xero integration.

    What is Xero?
    Simply put, Xero is the fastest growing cloud accounting system for small businesses. From business owners to accountants and bookkeepers, it helps 1.8 million users worldwide and 500,000 users in the UK to transform the way they handle their businesses finances.

    Why has WorldFirst integrated with Xero?
    Following extensive customer research, we found that the accounting system integration was one of the most the most requested features by customers. At WorldFirst, we put you at the heart of what we do, and that’s why we took your feedback on board to bring you this integration with Xero.

    What does this mean for existing WorldFirst customers?
    WorldFirst customers are now able to connect Xero to their World Accounts to seamlessly reconcile their transactions. This will be the first step in our commitment to delivering seamless payment and collection services for our customers.

    How do I connect?
    All it takes is a simple one-time sign-up to help you start saving hours of admin time for you and your accountant. Once you sign-up, your transactions will instantly sync; you’ll be able to get a real-time view of your accounts and stay up-to-date with your finances on the go.

    Take a look at our set up guide here and get more information at our FAQ here.

    Who can I talk to learn more?
    Feel free to get in touch directly via our contact page here.
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