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Selling rules... due an update?

Discussion in 'Forum Support & Feedback' started by Michael, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Hugo


    Jun 19, 2010
    Agree with this,

    Also when a thread is created in the for sale section have all the input fields o the twf selling template. (making it compulsory)
  2. Michael


    May 6, 2009

    Already been discussed a few posts back, Anthony already has this planned asap.
  3. Pete


    May 30, 2005
    Not if one of your goals was to collect email addresses.

    When someone says "send me", that is about as "opt in" as you can get.

    Of course, with a decent sequential autoresponder set up you could collect addresses and send updates on a regular basis.
  4. Anthony


    Oct 17, 2004
    Well, that's my point. We're supposed to be getting better at transparency, not remaining stagnant. The existing solution which is default functionality for the software is broken in my view, we're trying to customise it to make it better and better suit our needs. If a post is deleted, you get an error message with no indication as to what that actually means. The more experienced folk among us know full well that a moderator has taken a particular post down, most commonly for advertising abuse, but for those newer members, it gives them very little information on what just happened. We would like to get to a place where we are informing our members more about the activities that are taking place, especially if we are handing over some of the power of review to our members.

    In an ideal world, a member who is trying to access a "moderated" post should be told that they have come to the right place but it's been moderated (i.e. removed from public view) and is awaiting review by a moderator. At least that way, there is no disputing that the post in question (which they've genuinely come to read) is there, just hidden until such time that it's reviewed and a decision is made over whether it should remain in play permanently.

    We had a late breakthrough before finishing for the day today. I think we're really close to a completed solution but I say that with some bated breath. As soon as I am 100% happy with what we have, we will release it and gather some feedback. As we stand now, it should just be days away.

    Agreed. It's a huge problem and has been since the dawn of time. Years ago, you could enforce the no-posting rule manually, but with so many members onboard now, it would be a full-time job in itself to manually remove all email addresses. We do advise members not to post their email addresses and that the Private Messaging facility is a more suitable option.

    I wish it was as easy as just removing all email addresses by magic, but it isn't quite as easy as that. This is another piece of functionality that is on our list and in the pipeline to develop. The logic would be something along the lines of only making email addresses posted in a given advertisers thread visible to just the advertiser and the poster they concern and then blocking it for all other viewers. But honestly, we're talking about interpreting email addresses and then running a particular protocol, and that's no walk in the park. Hell, I don't even know if its possible within the realms of the existing software we're working with.

    There is a solution to that problem somewhere, as ever, these things take a bit of troubleshooting until such time that you find something that works, doesn't rock other functionality, and achieves everything we want it to. Bigger issue here is we're playing around with another companies man-made software. The inner workings have to be explored before you can start ripping parts of it out.

    I am sorry to have not responded to everyone directly. I am actually kind of overwhelmed by all the feedback. It's fantastic. Keep it coming! :welldone:
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