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Shipping alternatives to Royal Mail?

Discussion in 'Logistics - Payment & Shipping' started by TornadoShaun, May 19, 2016.

  1. TornadoShaun


    Dec 12, 2010
    Hello all,

    I have just started a new job that involves working 12 hour shifts, one shift of the rotation involves working 6am-6pm. I also run an eBay/Amazon shop and this means I will find it difficult to get to post my items for a week in every month as obviously the Post Office is open 9-5pm. I'm probably going to have to either put my eBay shop on holiday for a week in every month or look for an alternative to Royal Mail to use atleast every few weeks.

    So which couriers come recommended?

    I'm looking for a company that can do collections from my house after 6pm, and provides tracking numbers and obviously is reasonably priced..

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. kahitoo


    Dec 12, 2010
    It is not a direct answer, but hope this link can give you a starting point www.p4d.co.uk
  3. TornadoShaun


    Dec 12, 2010
    Thanks. I've been looking at MyHermes. Anyone got any experience with them? Prices look reasonable when compared to similar Royal Mail prices. Typically I pay £4.45 for a 1st class recorded parcel. With MyHermes it looks like I can expect to pay £4.20-ish and this seems to be for a pick up service. As mentioned I need tracking numbers for Paypal purposes and ideally pick up from my house rather than drop off due to my new job.
  4. Gary


    Aug 22, 2009
    I don't know of one which offers evening collection, but how far are you from your local sorting office? Most close later and you can drop off your packages directly (my local one closes at 6:45pm mon-fri, 2pm sat).

    Just an idea and less drastic than having to close your eBay shop for a week every month.
  5. beacon hill

    beacon hill

    Jun 28, 2010
    I drop my parcels at the local village shop before the post office part opens.
    Then the post master sees to everything and I pay him later or the next day

    Very informal
  6. magictouch786


    Oct 12, 2009
    UK Mail via parcel2go.com do an inpost service. Where you drop of the parcel in a locker and ukmail pickup. its not too dear either.Anytime i have sent an expensive item via myhermes it has always mysteriously got lost. Ive sent a lot of stuff via them in the past and its always been good until a samsung tablet went missing and then a tap.neither time i had paid the extra to insure so was out of pocket. Also was a bit peeved when an item that weighed 1.04 KG - they stated that i had under declared it and therefore wanted an extra couple of quid. Technically it may have been 4 grams over on their scale on mine it was actually 2 grammes under!

    For the more bulkier parcels i use the drop of service with UPS and if there is a parcelforce code available i use them too.
  7. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
    I visited an event on Wednesday ran by @eCommerce Worldwide and met someone from a company called One World Express. They mentioned they work with all the below delivery companies: Some could be of good use, others I believe are in different countries so obviously wouldn't be able to collect. However, take a look and hopefully you'll find on that'll help. :)

    1) Yodel
    2) UPS
    3) Royal Mail
    4) DHL
    5) DPD
    6) DX
    7) CTT
    8) UKMAIL
    10) Hermes
    11) Pony Express
  8. Parcelhub.co.uk


    Sep 3, 2015
    Hi Shaun,

    Depending on your business location and daily parcel traffic, we may be able to help.

    Best regards,

  9. Misha ecobroom

    Misha ecobroom

    Mar 9, 2016
    We had a good experience with MyHermes .
    So far we have sent 80 parcels via MyHermes, 3 gone missing and we got our money back ( value of the product + cost of delivery) .
    Weakness : International service . Our broom traveled to France nearly 20 days .
  10. sam81


    May 8, 2012
    Hi Tornado, we use MyHermes to send tracked 2nd class parcels (via parcel2go is more cheap that myhermes website and you can take £ 5.00 free any £ 100 that you spent). More easy for you I think is use ParcelShop if you have near house open later 6pm.
  11. bluenose


    Nov 3, 2008
    Traditional post offices seem to be on there way out, mine is now a Bargain Booze so I can drop off from 8am-10pm, maybe there is an alternative near you?
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