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Guide Smart Phone Photography 3 in 1 Kit with Mini Tripod, Phone Mount, Carry case

Discussion in 'Mobile Cases & Electronic Accessories' started by intesantelimited, Jan 18, 2018.

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  1. intesantelimited


    Jul 24, 2014

    Smart Phone Photography 3 in 1 Kit with Mini Tripod, Phone Mount, Carry case

    7.5 per unit

    Quantity Available: 10000
    Minimum Order: 3000

    Payment Methods: T/T
    Shipping Info: By Sea / By Air / By Train (Trans Eurasia International)
    Buyer Liabilities: Buyer should pay the oversea or air freight, customs clearance
    Price per Quantity: 7-8 USD for 3000 pcs MOQ


    • Stock Status: Physical
    • Location: Shenzhen
    Suitable for Smartphone, table, compact cameras and action camera

    Intesante announces mobile phone camera accessory kit
    If the best camera is the one you carry all the time, it must be the iPhone or Android for many people. To help customers to take higher-quality photos and videos, Instesante, the China factory, presents you INPTX, the portable mobile phone camera kit.
    It includes:
    1x INPT310, camera tripod
    1x INPT85, universal mobile phone holder
    1x travel carrying case.

    INPT310 is a portable tripod for smart phone and mirrorless camera with only 180g in weight and 18cm in length.
    With 360°rotation ball head and bubble level, INPT310 enables you to adjust the camera angle at will. With the non-slip rubber feet, it can be steadily attached to the ground.
    While taking pictures of scenery, selfie, panorama or video chat, INPTX enables you to get professional photos with smart phones freely.
    INPT85 holds mobile phones less than 85mm in width, including latest iPhone X, Samsung S8. With standard 1/4 screw, it can mount your phone to any tripod.
    The additional travel bag is used to store the tripod, mobile phone clip, cable, charger, earphone etc.
    Customized logo, packing and colors are accepted for the product.
    Product Details:
    Model: INPTX
    Color: Black/Blue/Orange
    Joint: 1/4" Screw(Fits Sony/ Canon/Nikon/Samsung/ Panasonic/ Olympus, Kodak/ Fuji/ Cameras)
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2018
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