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Stock Offer Special Offer On Ethical/ Sustainable Handmade Designer Clothing(Plus Sizes Available)

Discussion in 'Designer Clothing & Unbranded Apparel' started by Jad Stephanou, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Jad Stephanou

    Jad Stephanou

    Jun 19, 2020

    Ethical/ Sustainable Handmade Designer Clothing

    18-53 USD per unit

    Quantity Available: 400
    Minimum Order: 15

    Payment Methods: Bank Wire, Stripe, Paypal, Western Union
    Shipping Info: DHL Express(for highest quality delivery) Customs and Worldwide Shipping all inclusive for 4 euros per piece(no random fees)
    Buyer Liabilities: No Further Random Fees


    • Stock Status: Physical
    • Location: United States/China
    Hey Guys,

    Let me introduce our brand's ethos for you. According to Forbes 88% of consumers want brands to help them be more sustainable/ethical. Like many industries, the future of fashion is sustainable and designer fashion. Like only a handful of luxury labels we have connected artisan/designer fashion with sustainable and ethical fashion. Our design team is based in Florence, Italy and were recruited from other top luxury brands. Our artisan fashion pieces are handmade using ethically-sourced and premium materials by happy workers and have scored very high affirmative rates on many fashion polls. 6 percent of all of our sales goes to help children in need through our network of NGOs. In order to support our wholesale partners in these difficult times for the Summer of 2020 we are providing our artisan fashion pieces with wholesale/retail price margins of up too 80 percent. This means for this Summer only you can stock up on designer clothing for the price of budget brands. We want to do all we can to support our wholesale partners during these times. We also carry many unisex and plus designer fashion pieces as well.

    advertwolfprofile.png advertbank3.png d1.jpg egoswim3.png dreamersshirt1.png l2.png
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