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News The Future of Mobile Could Totally Change Everything Else

Discussion in 'Technical News and Help' started by Erik, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    With more and more mobile phones coming out, we begin to notice a slight change in the environment. Innovation seems to come by slower than most anticipated, and most - if not all - of the companies now just try to entice potential customers with beefier mobile specs and yet we all have no idea on how to use these hardware's full potential to use (except games).

    It feels like everything went to a halt, as innovation stopped. Most companies tried to do something else with mobile technology, and most of them relied on making one of the most coveted things happen: Virtual Reality. The problem with virtual reality, while most high end mobile devices could now support it, is that there are additional hardware that you need to make use of it. You need a headgear to dock in your mobile phone, and you most likely need a controller to control the settings of each VR app. Thus, making use of VR outside of homes not really a worthwhile experience, and whilst others are still stuck in using VR just for games or movies.


    There is one company though, that was not too inclined with VR - Apple. This company.... hold it, it may seem that something I would say is biased, but read on, I assure you, it's not.

    Apple, has previously claimed that it is not too inclined with using VR tech in their devices. What they are more interested in, however, is Augmented Reality. They say AR has much more potential than VR itself, and most of us laughed. The biggest showpiece of this technology? Pokemon Go.

    Pokemon Go hit the public with a huge acceptance rate, even myself and @Cody got hooked into them. But apparently it lost its luster as the days go by. The start of AR is good, but a short one. Then suddenly just this year, Apple unveiled ARKit.

    ARKit was phenomenal. A good development kit for anyone who wants to build through Augmented Reality. It just did not stop there, Google now also released their own kit, called ARCore. These 2 development kits are a blessing, and entirely means they see true potential with augmented reality.

    Just imagine, you would like to purchase a dress, or a shirt. You could go to the app, and fit it using AR, see if it looks good on you - at home. Ikea also has demoed AR usage, you could try AR versions of their furniture to see if they would fit in your home. That is a step forward in home design. AR is being made not only for entertainment but function as well. Would it not be great to have an AR app for every retail product you would buy? From furnishings, paintings, lamps, anything that you could try out in AR first before committing to buy?

    I think we are in the beginning of a huge change in mobile technology. There are tons of possibilities in which this technology could do, and that even the way we shop could change as well. Businesses could have an edge on a try-first app for better consumer attraction, and might soon change everything else.

    What do you think? Will AR, if developed further, be able to change everything there is from mobile tech to everyday life?
  2. Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson

    Jan 24, 2017
    In a room where walls are flat and square and measurements can be easily taken then AR is fine, but with clothing when shoulders are wider, hips and stomachs stick out etc then a waist / waste of time and effort
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