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  1. hamza hamza

    hamza hamza

    May 15, 2016
    Stay away from TLC WHOLESALE !

    I gave order around 8.000$ to TLC Wholesale. They informed me all stocks are ready to ship.
    I have transferred the money including transportation on 11.4.2017. They didnt deliver my shipment, after several emails they delivered 40 days later!

    Because of they delivered the goods as personal cargo i couldnt release from customs. I informed them to return my shipment and ill pick up with my forwarder. Last 3 months i sent them several emails, till now they didnt solve and they did nothing.

    I have cosmetics retail chain and i worked several european companies big and small. I never see this kind of unserious company until now.

    I have lost 8.000$, if you dont want to loose stay away from TLC WHOLESALE !!!

    Note: Why forum admin delete my previous topic. I never say anything uncorrect. If they need i can prove all my story.
    Today they informed me that my shipment destroyed at custom. They knew this but until i open a topic here they say nothing, today they replied me to drink water for 8.000$
  2. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    Hi Hamza,

    TLC Wholesale have contacted us in this matter, and we are first trying to get into the middle of this. A reason why your thread was temporarily removed from public view is that the staff would like first to hear all sides of the story before jumping in to conclusions as to whether a statement like this should stay or otherwise.

    From the initial ticket we received regarding this matter, our initial findings see that the issue lies within the hold up in Turkey customs and as such, the cause for having these items "destroyed" by customs.

    We are still awaiting feedback for TLC Wholesale's resolution, as they try to continue to contact their forwarding company for a resolution. So until that time, I will not remove this thread from public view, but lock it. Please do refrain from creating new threads again, and we will contact you via private message to give us your side of the story.

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