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    Feb 17, 2016
    Making payments online will normally see businesses opt for using PayPal. After-all it's the most popular out there, however it doesn't always mean it's the best.

    Sell online? Don't just focus on what's "popular", focus on what's suitable to you and your business.
    Here's the top 12 PayPal alternatives for those selling online.

    1) 2CheckOut is an online payment processing service that allows you to accept credit cards and debit card payments worldwide. On top of this you can also accept payment by PayPal, JCB, Diner’s Club and Discover. 2CheckOut is also trusted by over 50,000 merchants. Site

    2) Skrill
    Skrill, formerly known as MoneyBookers, allows the transfer and payments at a low cost. You can send and receive payment in 40 different currencies across 200 countries. The setup is free, and you can also send text messages from your account.

    3) Authorize.Net
    Authorize.Net is one of the widely used payment gateways allowing you to authorize, settle and manage credit and electronic check payments. Included in this gateway are an Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, Automated Recurring Billing, Customer information management, the option to sync to QuickBooks, and even invoicing capability.

    4) Intuit
    Intuit is widely known, and perfect for small businesses that need help with their finances. With Intuit you can pay your employees, calculate payroll taxes, file payroll tax form, and even accept payments.

    5) Stripe
    Stripe is PayPal's biggest competitor, and offers a simple and easy user interface with full payment integration with up to 300 apps and most third-party services. Stripe allows you to accept major debit and credit cards from customers in every country in 135+ currencies.

    6) Transferwise
    Transferwise focuses completely on international payments, and if your audience is mainly international then this is a great way to keep fees down. You can accept payments from across the world and receive payment into your account within 2-3 days. The fees are somewhat less than half of what you'd pay to transfer money via your bank.

    7) Google Wallet
    This is the biggest tech competitor currently online, and with that, the Google Wallet is meant to be one of the simplest and easy free ways to accept payment.
    There is an automatic transfer to your bank account, and you can accept payment through the web or mobile app.

    8) Payoneer
    Payoneer is a fully-featured payment gateway with a strong focus also on international payments and transfers. The payments are fast, with an easy solution to send money to individuals. Receiving payments from another Payoneer customer is free, and receiving payments from your international accounts is free for most currencies, but holds a 1% fee for US dollars. Receiving payments from a credit or debit card has a fee of 3%.

    9) Worldpay
    Worldpay lets you take card payments online, over the phone and via card machines which is suitable for small and large businesses. Worldpay receives and processes over 10,000 transactions per minute, making it the UK's leading payment processor.

    10) SagePay
    SagePay has great accounting software which makes it very popular with accountants. Rather than just taking online payments they can take offline payments also with their EPOS systems. They work with over 3500 partners and developers offering responsive payment pages, single-click purchases, recurring payments, deferred payments and much more.
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    Feb 16, 2009
    I always recommend Transfer Wise for international B2B payments, always surprised when I hear of people still paying ludicrous fees to their banks to do this.
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