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    Top 5 Tips For Selling Online


    1 – Be the best at customer service

    It can cost more to get a new customer than it can to retain one. Relationship building is crucial, especially in this industry, so it’s vital you focus on keeping your customers happy by providing exceptional customer service.

    Whether this be down to your communication with your customers, explaining your shipping and return policies as clearly as possible, and even ensuring your website is easy to navigate. Providing a personal touch in your parcels or packages such as a thank you note can go a long way to building your brand persona.

    2 – Focus on “cross-device” optimisation

    Navigating a website on a mobile phone is much different to navigating a website on a tablet and even a desktop. Ensure the customers have the same experience across each platform by focusing on cross-device optimisation.

    3 – Be social

    Social media promotion isn’t about being a salesperson and marketing your product all the time. It’s much more than that. It’s about building relationships and your brand. Of course social media used for online marketing purposes, but by relying on just sell, sell, sell, isn’t going to really generate the results you want.

    Use your social media platforms to reach out to guest bloggers, influential people and get conversations going. Even ask your buyers to share their purchases on your pages. There’s so much more you could be doing on social media.

    4 – Professional product photographs

    Relying on blurry photos with a busy background taken on your mobile phone isn’t going to quite cut it. You need to be taking photos on a plain professional background with a decent to professional camera. Customers love to see clearly what they’re going to be purchasing.

    Your entire business and brand is based around how amazing you are, and why customers should purchase from your store. You need to give them a reason to do so, and by ensuring your photos are professional

    5 – Payment and courier flexibility

    Customers like to use different couriers as a means to offer a next level of protection for them. Royal Mail may be good enough for some to just deliver a product, whereas a more specialized courier dealing with very expensive or bulk items such as ParcelHub may be the better option for others.

    Payment flexibility is also another great way to gain better conversions. Some buyers want to pay specifically by credit card, so include this offer. Others want debit, PayPal or even Apple Pay to purchase online goods, so include these options also.

    Making sure you have multiple payment and courier options can delivery more customers to your store and generate further conversions. By focusing on your customers needs will ensure you become a profitable and successful business.

    Head over to The Wholesale Community to download the free PDF version of this article.
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