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News Try new marketplace ibuy2give.co.uk & also feel good about yourself!

Discussion in 'Online Marketplaces - eBay, Amazon, Etsy and more' started by Helen, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. Helen


    Mar 26, 2013
    Here at TWF we were due to talk to ibuytogive.co.uk this week as they were posed to hard launch their with marketplace with a new search engine from Sooqr - to give them an introduction to you all in our community. Then Coronavirus hit us all worldwide – and so rather than focus on the ease of their search engine (it is good – I’ve checked) we revised our plans in my interview with Kevin Turner (founder) as I think ibuy2give.co.uk has a viewpoint which is particularly pertinent as we hear the news that the Charity sector is in crisis due to physical fundraising being cancelled – for example next month’s London marathon which last year raised £66m for hundreds of charities, and is only the tip of the iceburg. As we all learn the importance of community and helping each other in whatever way we can – ibuytogive.co.uk marketplace provides a way to do this for sellers and buyers, as 35% of all buyer purchase fees go to a charity of their choice.

    I hope you enjoy reading about their proposition, and give it a go, as a buyer or a seller. I used it already and it was a very smooth process, I have one of the electronic tea lights I purchased in front of me right now in my new home working space!

    Helen: So what made you start www.ibuy2give.co.uk?

    Kevin: Until about 5 years ago, I had a business importing high quality musical instruments – mostly wood and brass and selling on eBay and Amazon. It was successful and I enjoyed it, going through the same learning processes that everybody else who sells seriously on these platforms does. I enjoyed it whilst it was going well, but unfortunately after a good run I got price matched by Amazon itself and decided to move on to a new life, partly in the world of recruitment and then also working with an ex-apprentice of mine called Jamie, on a charity placing defibrillators into local communities. As I saw the good this was doing and we’d get stories from people, and their families, whose lives we’d saved – I started re-assessing and thinking about how charities get funding and how the link between retail and buying could be made into a benefit for charity and doing good.

    So you have quite a unique proposition, which I think is especially important to promote in these difficult financial times. Do you want to tell us a bit about it?

    iBuy2Give is an Online Marketplace with a twist – on top of buying products direct from merchants at the usual discounted rate vs. RRP – we also donate 35% of the marketplace fees direct to a charity of the buyer’s choosing. We also provide the registered charities with a bespoke fundraising page dedicated just to them – they can either fundraise by selling products here (for example gifts they’ve been given or bequeathed), or simply use it to direct people to for any fundraising efforts with an already built in trusted and reliable payment gateway via our registered banking partner Mangopay. The advantage for sellers is they get reach to the 6m potential customers we already have from the 850 Charities that have already registered with us.

    What types of sellers are you looking for? What goods?

    We are happy with any type of seller so long as they are a registered business we can verify with a trading record or information about the company. Our main focus at the moment is getting as many quality products from good online sellers – basically if you list on eBay and Amazon you should be listing on iBuytoGive as well!!

    Even if companies are excited by the philanthropy, they obviously are also in the business of making money as well. In terms of making sure the goods on the site sell…what marketing activities do you have planned?

    The Charities and Good Causes will proactively approach their supporter base to come to the site, we have given them an excellent marketing toolkit to make all of their marketing activities as easy as possible. We also have an extensive PR and Social Marketing campaign. All of our products are also advertised at our expense on sites such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Bing Shopping, Facebook Products and Pinterest. We also will have our products on up to 50 comparison sites such as Kellkoo, Genie Shopping, Ideal price and Shopzilla. Products will also feature on Cashback sites such as Quidco and Topcashback. Plus we will have products listed on loyalty sites such as British Airways, and Virgin Atalntic.

    And probably most importantly for our members - what is the bottom line for what the cost will be to the seller?

    The standard seller fee is 10% unless it falls under one of the following categories – in which case it is currently 6%: Cameras and Photography; Computers; Tablets and Networking; Appliances; DIY Tools; Mobile phones & Accessories; TV & Sound Electronics; Power Tools; In-car electronics; Gaming Consoles. The processing fees for the service and then 1.8% +20p with instant access to funds with £0.45p per withdraw. There is no listing fee, signup fee or set up fee – it is quick to get up and running and we have a fully operating seller area, with integration to Linnworks or CSV uploads etc.

    Who are the Charities that are registered? Can I nominate one as a seller?

    We have pre-registered 147,000 UK Registered Charities but absolutely, some of our merchants have registered small local charities such as their Scouts group for fundraising. Our goal is to benefit as many charities as possible, whilst getting the maximum return possible for our sellers, giving them a new route to market, whilst feeling good about the way they are doing it!

    Can sellers sign up now?

    Absolutely – we are new so now is the time to get involved – sign-up at https://www.ibuy2give.co.uk/register/merchant. It costs nothing to set up an account and there is no monetary commitment. Alternatively contact me on (Email Hidden for Privacy) and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.
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