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Do you have employment contracts updated for recent legal changes - such as pensions

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  1. Yes in the last two years

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  2. Not for over two years

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  3. I dont have contracts

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  1. Ask Tim

    Ask Tim

    Apr 18, 2018
    I own a business online selling handmade furniture, upholstered and accessories.
    Koi Loi Furniture

    For my day job, I am an Employment Law and Health & Safety expert for London region.
    I would like to add value to the forum by offering advice...

    I and Mike Hurley are regional consultants for London at Avensure a leading HR and Health & Safety Consultancy. We provide support and advice in these areas. We have recently created a regional service for London Ask Tim, the service offers free advice online. Visit our website and fill in the form with your enquiry, the service is only for company law NOT individuals. We do also offer one to one consultations with Mike and can help you get your business compliance right and handle all paperwork, with management systems and ongoing advice with additional training.

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