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News Ubisoft adding education to its game - A guided tour of Egypt

Discussion in 'Technical News and Help' started by Erik, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    I love Assassin's Creed games. The game series, is a role playing game released by Ubisoft boasting open world dynamics with excellent views for gamers to enjoy.


    The latest of the series is called Assassins Creed Origins, a story of how the brotherhood of assassins were founded by an Egyptian protector - a Madjay - by the name of Bayek of Siwa, as he avenges his child's death through the Cleopatra era. I personally own and play AC:Origins, and what delighted me most is that this game gives you an opportunity with a lot of sights to see, including the pyramids, the Sphinx (before its nose was cut off), and all the beauty there is around it with plantations and towns beside the River Nile. What's amazing is that Ubisoft tries to accurately depict Egypt as possible and remain true to the detail that is Egypt.

    *fun fact: It was reported last year that the Pyramid of Giza has an undetected open space in it, which apparently was already included in the game. https://kotaku.com/this-week-s-giza-pyramid-discovery-was-already-built-in-1820130886

    This is indeed great work from the game's developers. And as it seems, the knowledge these developers collected making the game are being shared to the public with a new game mode. Discovery Mode. This type of gameplay will make the player explore of Egypt - game wise - and have a guided tour about the story and information about the popular sites and places.

    There will be no fighting, no quests, just pure exploration for those who want more knowledge. Simply put, this is a way for people to discover what Egypt used to be like, and get more knowledge out of it - especially to those who are fascinated about the nation - in a very interactive way.

    This is a big game breaker, especially when it comes to criticism that games do not bring any type of benefit to players. Personally, I already love Egypt as I play this game, what more if I gain more knowledge about it, making it also a kid friendly version of learning more about human history.

    The new mode will be available as a free update to those who already own the game on the 20th of February, while it will also be a standalone experience for PC for $20 / £14.50.
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