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    Sep 26, 2012
    It seems that more and more people and businesses are joining in the yearly Black Friday sales.

    The report from IMGR regarding Black Friday just came in, and so far, the figures show positive signs that the weekend is alive and well in the UK.


    British consumers spent £1.39 billion on online retail sites last Black Friday, an increase of 11.7% compared to last year. 39% of which were completed using a mobile device, the highest versus desktop computers and tablets.

    A huge uptick as well with the number of retailers having their own Black Friday sales, with some of them extending sales days before Friday itself, with Wednesday the start of the campaign for most retailers.


    This is likely the trend now in the UK, and no longer just a US holiday. More and more retailers will start to consider Black Friday discounts for the years to come, and next year could again be a huge breakthrough for these sales in the UK.

    Have you joined in with all the chaos last week? How were your sales?

    *images and data courtesy of IMRG
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