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  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    Hello Everyone,

    Due to the request of adding images to signatures, we have now activated this feature and modified the old signature rules to fit in with the changes that have been made.

    Quick Signature Rules:

    1. Signatures may only have up to a maximum of 3 lines, including images
    2. Signatures must have a maximum of 4 links, total for both internal and external links.

    3. *NEW* Signatures may have 1 image. Please limit images to 350 x 50 pixels, jpg, png, and gif images accepted

    4. Signatures may have up to a total of 1000 characters including BB Code. For regular text, you may have up to a maximum of 500 characters.

    Please note that if you exceed these limits, your signature will have a modified note. Please check your signature if they abide with the rules mentioned above upon editing.

    As an added information, signatures are allowed to the following groups:
    - Community Advertisers
    - Int'l Advertisers
    - Member of the Month
    - Advertiser of the Month
    - TWF Web Awards Winners
    - Official Partners

    Thanks everyone and all the best!
    *credits to @ebafy for the image suggestion
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