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Warning Do Not Deal With MK Enterprise

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by nakadir, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. tonza71


    Aug 28, 2007
    Hi guys!!

    Just an update...I have bought a PS3 60Gb from MK Enterprise to test (and for myself as well :D) and it works great!! The only issue I have with it is that the warranty is from Sony Singapore and that's where I will have to send it if there is ever a warranty claim.

    Apart from that, the service was great and the shipping time was absolutely fast (but then again, I did only buy ONE item!!).

    I'm hoping to get enough orders to buy at least 5 of whatever and ship to me and then later I will test the dropshipping component.

    So there's your answer :niceone:
  2. meandmeonly


    Oct 11, 2007
    i have just been in contact with them and they said the only payment method would be bank transfer :\

    So if legit why not take other forms of payment i'm not saying that they are or are not legit in know that companies in China don't except other forms but if they have UK representatives then why not Credit Card
  3. therams69


    Jul 9, 2007
    I bought a PS3 from MK and there were no problems at all.... Unfortuantely i didnt research the import taxes etc and got stung for about £70.00 5 days later... Knowing this now i will not import from MK or even HK now.... Was happy with MK but it took me about a month to get about £500 out of my dropshipping account and returned to me... After numerous emails and promises it would be done i had to finally call them.... They told me to email them now which i did and amazing enough the refund was done within the day....
  4. godfatha


    Oct 31, 2007
    Can you tell me any more about the status of the company. Particularly the Portland Oregon office
  5. vickgt


    Dec 15, 2006
    Has anyone dealt with MK Enterprises lately? I get their newsletter every week. I have thought about buying from them but I'm not so sure after reading this post.


    Mar 1, 2007
    Ive not used them although i did look into them a while back, i came to the similar conclusions as many to the start of this whole topic, it seems very 50/50 from what im seeing in this thread, some state good experiences, some state bad, but 50/50 statistics to me are to risky to be messing around with.

    It seems as if sometimes they deliver and othertimes they can just completely leave people in the dark. I wouldnt personaly risk it myself and the prices arent that inticing to risk it in the first place.

    Based on my research theres to many inconsistencies and suspicious problems for me to ever consider buying from them and like i said the prices arent to great really.
  7. terrie


    Nov 14, 2007
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Reason i started reading this thread was MK enterprise. I was a bit dubious of trading with them coz my gut was still not fully convince.
    Anyway that wasn't the reason for this post. It's actually regarding Aussiebuys.
    Hey, just checked your site out. Your site's been up since 2004 and yet it's completely empty! How do you sell your product when all the links turn up EMPTY? How do your customers order since it's an online store? :)

    Just very cufused.

  8. aeuro01


    May 23, 2008
    Dear Sirs,

    I have paid to Mkenterprise.com to see opportunities to work together.
    The problems I see are as follow:

    1.Only wire transfer allowed. Problem not only because the security but bank fees
    2.Support service is not good enough. They need too much time to respond

    These are the main reasons because I don't have ordered something from this company.

    I have a webstore and I sell cameras, camcorders, games console, objetives, etc

    The URL of my webstore is MOD EDIT - url removed,advertising without a Membership!


    Ruben Delgado

    MOD EDIT - To advertise your goods or services on the forum you need to have a Selling Membership!
  9. technik_dubai


    Jun 9, 2008
    I have dealt with MKenterprise and spent $1000's, never had a bad experience with them, I have also joined their dropshipping program and have not got any negative remarks at all. It is not a one man company. In fact it is quite a large company. The reason that they are "expensive" is because they sell 100% original stuff unlike the so called Chinese suppliers who call you "my dear friend"!
  10. ralph


    Nov 21, 2005

    had an account with this lot for a while but pricing and the fact im not 100% with them has put me off purchasing.however it sounds as though a few forum members appear to use their dropshipping service.is it good ? and secondly are the dropshipping prices better than the normal prices on the site.thanks in advance :niceone:
  11. Andy777


    Apr 24, 2007
    Drop shipping prices are the same as wholesale prices (everyone can see upon free registration).

    Yeah, they're not cheap but I have noticed that there are quite a few MEGA PowerSellers on eBay.co.uk using MK Enterprise. So I guess, the same old story - it's not only products but HOW you sell them.
  12. Dorey


    Oct 19, 2008
    My god that took long to read through those 22 pages.

    So, final verdict.. Legit? I think that they are but it isnt worth the risk. What do you think?
  13. alexandros24

    alexandros24 Banned Member

    Mar 10, 2008
    hello guys. I am a register member on Mk enterprise with a wholesale account but i never bought form the yet . The thing is that i was trying to contact them via email and they havent reply to me on that email address which was deferent with the one that i register with them, so i send them an email with the email address that was register they answered me. Don't know if this helps , but had to post it :). I was about to place an order with them right now and just saw the post for a bad experience with them and i want to be sure
  14. sincerity


    Jan 3, 2009
    At least be careful!!!

    I had to deal with Mr. Aung Min Thein in 2005.
    Several times before it worked, they delivered. Then suddenly it didnt work anymore and I never got my money back. (several thousand dollars)

    After several request to take care of this case, in different offices of MK Enterprise, nothing ever happened. Today they even deny to know him!

    So, be careful. This rogue may have left. But it is very strange the whole company doesnt show responsibility.

    To make it clear: I was very friendly, showed always respect, ....... but this fellow simply screwed me. I hope one day I or they will catch him.
    I hope he is reading this.

    anyway, good luck to all.
  15. sincerity


    Jan 3, 2009
    <P>Because CC is nonsense on the wholesale level. Even though I just posted to be careful about them, I do support them to not accept CC.</P>
  16. signify


    Sep 14, 2008
    I notice they sell branded apple iphones and Apple Ipod Nano, I take it these are fakes?

  17. Sebastionay


    Oct 1, 2008

    Google the website and take a look at the different stuff that comes up, its not just people on this forum that have lost money.
  18. Razorb


    Mar 17, 2009
    Hey all.

    Sorry to rehash an old topic, but I have just thought you might like to hear about my experience with MK Enterprise (HK).

    I have been an MK customer for a few years. The first year went quite smoothly; I utilised their dropship service with minimal fuss and I generally had a speedy order turn around. However last year things started to deteriorate. I had a warranty claim (mobile phone – dead CPU) which I had to send back to them twice because they failed to repair it the first time. Can you imagine then how my customer felt when they discovered that their phone was still not repaired after the second repair? MK offered no support or refund for shipping the phone to and from, and in the end, did not give me a refund for the dead unit. Throughout this process I dealt with a number of MK office staff: Jerry and Benson. Neither of these two gents offered any sympathy or help regarding this matter, which I have now discovered is a common theme within this organisation. Accepting this as a learned lesson, I moved on and wore the cost for the ordeal.

    Throughout the year (2008) I begrudgingly continued using MK Enterprise as their prices were quite competitive. Toward the middle of the year however, I decided to cease using them. ‘Out of stock’ orders continued to rise, and their (already terrible) communication with me became virtually non-existent. Important emails would often be answered 3 days after the fact, or go unanswered altogether.

    So with the New Year, I reluctantly decided to give them another go. Their prices still looked ok, so I placed a number of orders with them worth just over AUD4000. I waited over a week for the orders to be dispatched, only to be told by Benson that they “have some suppliers that were giving them trouble they didn’t deserve”. What this eventually meant was that they could not source the stock for the orders I had placed. I was forced to source the stock from elsewhere and cancel my orders with MK.

    Here is where it gets sticky. I requested that AUD3000 be returned to my bank account leaving a remainder of AUD1000 to fill any small orders that I may get. The funds were withdrawn from my MK account, however they were never received to my bank account. It has now been 6 weeks and the money has not been returned to me. I have emailed MK Enterprise on numerous occasions requesting the return of my funds, but they generally went unanswered. I phoned the Hong Kong office a number of times and spoke to my mate Benson again. With a smile in his voice, he repeatedly informed me that Mohammed Kanfoudi (MK) was out of the office. Mr. Kanfoudi is the proprietor so I guess ultimately he is the boss. To date I have not been able to get in direct contact with Mr. Kanfoudi; his office will not release any details to me.

    In summary, MK Enterprise has AUD4000 which belongs to me which they will not return. It has been six weeks with zero correspondence from Mr. Kanfoudi. I never thought I would have to resort to spreading the word on forums such as this, however I think it is only fair that everyone be forewarned.

    This is my experience so please make your own decisions. I have not been given any reason why the funds have not been returned to me; I am hoping that the absence of Mr. Kanfoudi and my money are not related.

  19. majbour


    Sep 25, 2007
    Well guys i got a bit of bad news

    Ive recently tried to purchase a phone off them and ive been using them back and forth for a few years now and the money bounced back, at first i thought this was unusal and email our good friend benson , ive spoken with him a few times and he has produced results in the past.

    No reply

    I think about transfering the money again from a different account but their updates hadnt been done for two weeks , now in the two years i had been using MK their updates were always done no later on then wednesday morning Aussie Time.

    So i start calling , 4 - 5 times a day and the phone rings out until this friday when i tried i get " optus advises that the number you are calling has been Disconnected "

    Still no email back
    No news update
    and now a Disconnected number

    From all my dealings with them its never been anyone other then benson no matter which number i called or email i sent it to
  20. majbour


    Sep 25, 2007
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