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We are a new dropshipper looking for (potential) coffee sellers

Discussion in 'Dropshipping' started by MikeD-UK, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. MikeD-UK


    Dec 15, 2017
    Hi all,

    We are a new business with a sole UK distributor contract for good quality / price range of Italian coffee products (including compatible capsules).

    We are looking at various wholesale contracts, but first would like to look at direct to consumer selling. We have our own storage and will deal with all the packaging ourselves (most likely using DPD for shipping). This will be a combination of own e-commerce store, through dropshipping arrangements with other online stores, supplying smaller brick and mortar stores and possibly as an affiliate merchant (but I am still reviewing that one).

    We are new to dropshipping so we have a steep learning curve ahead of us. We'll do it though, and we'll work fairly with all our partners.

    So intro question is, if you are interested in selling coffee products with us dealing with shipping, please get in touch. We are working on the terms and conditions. We are also open to suggestions on what you consider a fair approach to drop shipping where everyone wins.

    We are initially looking at UK (where we are based), but between the team members we are comfortable speaking English (of course), Spanish, Italian and Polish. So we are open to EU selling as well.

    Thanks for reading,

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