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Discussion in 'Import & Export' started by Import Expert, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Import Expert

    Import Expert

    Oct 6, 2011
    The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on global business; companies involved in food & beverage are having to make significant adjustments as traditional markets face lockdown, and scale of business and normal trading conditions have changed.

    Amidst these unprecedented times, Woodland's dedicated team of industry specialists have created innovative and responsive support solutions.

    Are you focusing on product re-branding or new distribution channels?
    Do you require market insights, customs and duties consultancy or transport alternatives to help you enter new markets or maintain existing business relationships? Our dedicated teams in owned offices worldwide provide local knowledge and global reach, guidance on DDP terms and EU duties and will take a consultative approach to assisting you in adapting to changing times.

    Are you facing commercial disruptions in your export sales?
    We can provide innovative transport options to both you and your buyers with our frozen fish consolidation programme – selling smaller quantities on a per pallet basis.

    In the current crisis, with so many food outlets closed, a small quantity buy option could help customers retain business links without having to store more than they are selling.

    Our consolidation programme enables small quantities to be exported to European destinations via our cold store hub in Rotterdam. Our experienced and skilled specialist reefer team organise the door to door movement with all formalities undertaken with speed and efficiency, delivering a reliable, competitive service that is significantly more cost-effective than airfreight.

    We keep you moving.

    Our less than container load shipping Chilled and Frozen (LCL) solution delivers:

    • Flexible solutions to support you through the current climate including test samples for potential FCL shipments to adapt to the quickly changing demand

    • Express and Standard monthly service to the EU
    • The only carrier to offer a service from PNW to Rotterdam, then onward to UK and MED
    • Own consolidation and deconsolidation operations in the USA, U.K. and Europe ensuring timely pack and unpack services

    • In-house teams across the US, UK and Europe offering guidance on local import/export regulations`
    With 30 years’ experience operating LCL groupage services across the U.K., Asia and USA, Woodland is an end-to-end service provider trusted by freight agents and direct importers, delivering reliable transit windows with goods delivered straight to your door.


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