What are the top 5 common challenges to selling online?

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  1. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
    I want to hear what the top challenges are that you're facing selling online, and how you're combating those issues.

    Discuss, share and get involved.
  2. Adamwells


    Oct 25, 2009
    1. Free postage - People just expect free postage on there items so I include the postage into the item itself. The incentive also I offer is free postage over £30 which offers the buyer the chance to get free postage but has to spend that little bit more to get it!
    2. Moving customers away from marketplaces such as Amazon/Ebay/Onbuy etc - Its an annoying scenerio I have faced recently as no matter what, people would prefer to buy from marketplaces rather than your own site. What I am doing to combat this issue is to offer a special discount code to buyers on these marketplaces if they buy from my website. The reason I offer a discount code is so that they are encouraged to buy and nets me most importantly more profit, when you take into consideration fees which marketplaces charge when an Item sells.
    3. Loads of sellers in the same field - Lucky for me, I only have a handful of sellers which are in the same area however I combat this issue by offering something different to the customer. Where possible, shipping is upgraded if they are a loyal customer, discounts are available should they want to buy again and most recently I have introduced sweets into my packages.
    4. The companies I buy from sell on marketplaces - ARGH! how frustrating!...what I am trying to do is not annoy my suppliers by undercutting them, but I will simply list the items at their set recommended retail price. Alternatively, I agree with the supplier to sell on a certain marketplace and that they do not, although this only tends to work when I buy from the supplier regularly.
    5. How to get traffic to your sparkling new website - I recently took over a website which was made and totally revamped it, from the products to the design. Now I am facing the question, how do I get people to the site? Well I try to think out the box by firstly getting my name out there on social media and creating attractive discounts. I know its old fashioned, but I have recently bought a load of leaflets as I feel this is the best way to approach new customers face to face. I am also going to try market stalls in the future, school fairs and hopefully realise my dream of owning my own store.
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  3. Danil Ishimov

    Danil Ishimov

    Sep 15, 2017
    1. A trust – In our country we have a good reputation and a lot of people know about AsiaOptom Company. And when you start sell products for foreign countries, you have a problem that nobody knows anything about your company. Also, I don't know why, people don’t have the trust when they see that the company is from Russia.

    2. Shipping cost - many customers want free shipping (but actually product price on some websites includes delivery price, and on the other websites not. But free shipping does not happen). Many customers think that the delivery price is very expensive, but they will not find cheaper price. Especially Africa, where delivery price is always expensive. Maybe customers did not make an order before and they don’t know information about delivery to their country.

    3. Customers don’t see an information that they are trying to order from the wholesale site. But during making an order you can see information about minimal order price several times. They order retail and then just don't answer on messages and phone calls.

    4. Taxes – Unfortunately a lot of chinese transport companies don’t have delivery with included taxes. And customers don’t know this information too (about how much tax is in their country). Each country has different taxes. We want that customer paid for delivery only once and not pay in addition something. But transport companies can only ship goods, without taxes and sometimes without custom clearances.

    5. Specific of work with China – Business with China is very specific. Especially wholesale business. People think that products from China are very cheap and at the same time of perfect quality. People should remember that the price corresponds to quality. And they don’t understand some defects are possible.
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  4. jordanmcclure


    Nov 22, 2018
    1. Connect offline and online shopping experience : In this modern era, seller set up services where shoppers can buy online and pick up at the store or buy online and return to the store. To be successful online seller, you need to plan all the challenges you might face as you scale your business.

    2. Expand your business across the globe : You can consider some factor like localised, secure payment methods, website translations, localised pricing that allows you to compete with native vendors, and transparency in currency fees and exchanges. If you are looking to market across the globe, you need to be able to accept a variety of payment currencies. Also, electronic payment services like mobile payments, e-wallets and credit/debit cards help online sellers compete in international markets by allowing customers to pay in their native currencies. Choosing a payment service provider with the necessary infrastructure in place provides a practical and immediate solution. You may try Paycron for this purpose. This is most important step.

    Choosing a reliable service provider : When starting an online business, the most critical decision is finding reliable service providers. Otherwise, you will face growth challenges because either the technology you adopted is limiting you. If you want to achieve growth, you need to find reliable service providers. This includes website builders, manufacturers, payment processors distributors among other things.

  5. SaleHoo


    Feb 28, 2006
    There are many advantages of drop shipping, given minimal capital for example. However, unlike traditional wholesalers, you have no control over your supply, or the quality of the items that you're selling. Below are common challenges that I've gathered:

    1. Stock shortage
    2. Buyers receiving items that are not as described
    3. Damaged goods when drop shipping
    4. Lack of branding

    You can learn how to avoid and resolve these trials here
  6. Lauren Hayward

    Lauren Hayward

    Aug 10, 2018
    From my view, the five most common challenges of online business are as below

    1. Building brand and trust
    2. Website traffic
    3. Shipping & Returns costs
    4. Finding the right service provider
    5. Expanding your customer base
  7. Bhagesh Nair

    Bhagesh Nair

    Feb 14, 2019
    Getting customers of your relevant niche to your landing page/URL.
    Regardless of the quality or the value of your product , if your right clientele does not even know about your offering, going gets tough.
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