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Offer Ended/Closed Wholesale Joblot Of 196 Physical Education Products For Schools And Nursery PE

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous & Clearance Lots' started by WCUK, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. WCUK


    Jun 26, 2008


    You Will Receive 196 Items

    We have a nice job lot of school PE supplies, All items are brand new and the quality is A1

    The products have been supplied by the UKs top distributor for school and nursery equipment and we are selling at a fraction of their original retail price. As you can see by the pictures each item is of great quality and totally safe for use with kids and has a great resale value. We have added a stock list to the advert, please let us know if you cannot see this and we can send you one.

    We only have one lot available so please speak to us soon if you are interested

    From the same supplier we also have other clearance parcels available including

    Early Learning



    Design and Technology

    Geography and History



    Please contact us if any of these are of interest to you, our number is 01202 668817.

    Part NumberDescriptionLead CatQuantityPriceTotal Stock Value
    PE00699-S24 M ActivebenchPE1£199.95£199.95
    KBE1-S6 Hook One EndPE6£189.95£1,139.70
    PE00658Captains ArmbandPE111£1.00£111.00
    PE00543-SDeluxe 6 X 4 1.25PE8£84.95£679.60
    KWODBATImage Wooden Rounders BatPE22£4.99£109.78
    KRTAGBLPack 10 Rugby Tag Belt BLUEPE15£2.00£30.00
    KRTAGGRPack of 10 Rugby Tag Belt GREENPE16£2.00£32.00
    PE00547Wall Fixed Flat Plate RingPE13£9.95£129.35

    Our price is only £2.95 + VAT each for all 196 items.

    Delivery is free in England. We can ship world wide, please contact us for shipping quotes.

    We accept PayPal, Credit Card, over the phone or Bank transfer.

    Part No: SKU9128WC
    EAN: 5053966156354

    Pull tags for Rugby practice in green

    Rugby tags in blue sold in a pack of 10

    Large PE mat 6 x 4 1.25

    6 hook one ends x 6

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Not open for further replies.
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