News Win for Hermes couriers as they're now deemed workers, not self-employed.

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  1. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
    Hermes, a courier service that delivers for the likes of Asos, John Lewis, Topshop and more, have now deemed their couriers as workers instead of self-employed after 65 Hermes couriers took the firm to a tribunal claiming their were denied basic workers' rights.

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    Hermes claimed the couriers were independent contractors, however the tribunal found them workers, allowing them to receive basic worker's rights such as holiday pay and the national living wage.

    GMB (Experts in the World of Work) said: "bosses can't just pick and choose which laws to obey. Workers' rights were hard won, GMB isn't about to site back and let them be eroded or removed by the latest loophole employers have come up with to make a few extra quid.

    This new win will now mean over 14,500 Hermes couriers will be entitled to basic workers' rights.

    A Hermes spokesperson however didn't seem to take too lightly to the new decision, saying: "We will carefully review the tribunal's decision, but we are likely to appeal it given that it goes against previous decisions, our understanding of the witness evidence and what we believe the law to be.
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  2. Gary


    Aug 22, 2009
    Of course they're going to fight it, granted some do earn minimum wage but many don't, and it's not just about sick or holiday pay but to my understanding according to their FAQ as a self employed driver you need to arrange your own cover or risk losing the contract!
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