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Women Doing Business Expo -- 9th June

Discussion in 'Trade Shows, Fairs & Exhibitions' started by Your Business Community, May 12, 2017.

  1. Your Business Community

    Your Business Community

    May 5, 2015

    YBC Women Doing Business will bring together women from across the business spectrum to share experiences and knowledge, as well as offering guidance and support for those at the start of their entrepreneurial journey.

    Designed to recognise the specific needs of women in business, this event will offer solutions and advice on how best to confront the challenges that women have to meet when running their own enterprise.

    There will be informative seminars throughout the day at this free to attend event as well as the opportunity to be inspired and motivated by our expert exhibitors.

    We are pleased to announce that Lauren Pope, television personality, actress, DJ, music producer and entrepreneur will be joining us for a Q&A session.


    Lauren's success is down to hard work and passion for what she loves doing. She runs her own hair extension business, Hair Rehab London, designs her own clothing collection, DJs all around the world, releases hit compilation albums, is the face of her own accessory range, is signed to top modelling agency Elite and stars in high profile TV show "The Only Way Is Essex".

    Time Seminar
    08.30 Event Opens
    10:kiss:0 Lauren Pope
    11:15 Aisha Ejaz
    12:00 Angie Phillips
    12.30 Bianca Sainty & Ivana Belicova
    13:00 Networking Lunch
    14:00 Tanya Kuhurt
    14:45 Kirstin van Eckert
    15:kiss:0 Question Time

    To book your free ticket, visit http://bit.ly/2mCq0og
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